Sushant Singh Rajput: A casuality of an ignorant society.

My closest interaction with Sushant Singh Rajput was at Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport(Mumbai) when i was coming from IIT Bombay after my written test for M.Tech admission, June of 2019. I distinctly remember him as this tall hunky guy with a smile and Rhea Chakraborty on his side. It was quite early in the morning 4 or 5 Am. Not much fanfare was there to greet him.

I am no celebrity nor i am someone who Sushant would have recognised 😛 . So, i stayed put and just watched an icon checking in his luggage like a normal guy. Its not in my nature to go for autographs, as i find it a bit of a hassle but when it comes to Sushant i really wanted to have a heart to heart chat with him instead of just taking his autograph.

I thought maybe someday an opportunity comes up and i am able to take his interview. Sadly, no longer possible after he committed suicide in his apartment ! Honestly, i seldom watch bollywood movies, for obvious reasons. Watching a bollywood movie is like witnessing a shit storm right in your face. Remixed songs, screenplay revolving around pyar-mohabbat, mindless cinematic scenes/stunts, stupid storylines. The consistency and dedication shown by the 100 crore club in respawning bullshit timely is really astonishing.

Sushant was a brilliant actor, a very talented guy with interests in cosmology, space, coding and even religion. He was also sensitive and an introvert. All the signs of an evolved soul !

Sushant embracing a starry evening.

Nepotism is an issue which is close to my heart because i myself have been a victim of it while i was in college and was heading a technical club. But that is a story better conveyed later. Coming to the point of “Bollywood mein nepotism nai hai ! ” (Bollywood has no nepotism). By the way what does nepotism mean? Dicitionary defines it as “the practice among those with power or influence of favouring relatives or friends, especially by giving them jobs.” OK? Hmmm

Mahesh bhat’s daughter is Alia Bhat. David Dhawan’s Son is Varun Dhawan. Rakesh Roshan’s son is Hrithik Roshan. Shakti Kapoor’s Daughter is Sharaddha Kapoor. Anil Kapoor’s Daughter is Sonam Kapoor. Chunky Pandey’s daughter is Ananya Pandey.


And of course the whole Kapoor family, the Khan family and the Pataudi family. Researching about them is like studying a new subject altogether. Henceforth, when someone comes up and says that “Bollywood mai nepotism nai hai! ” I can only wonder at the height of stupidity, callousness and ignorance one has dwelved into.

Bollywood mai neptoism hai beta, barabar hai !!! Even it is the sole reason why our film industry is in such a state as it is now. Any cinematic experience must have a feel good factor. I am not talking about only social changes here. A film should resonate with our society as it is presently, only than can it be successfull. Sushant Singh Rajput proved just that by doing meaningful films like Kai Po Che! , Chichore, Dhoni and many many more. Here’s a list.

He was critically acclaimed for the films he did but still the bollywood industry-: a syndicate controlled by a dozen film producers/directors didn’t accept him as he was because if they did their own sons and daughters would have lost their jobs in some of the movies.

If the news sources are to be beleived, Sushant lost 7 Films In 6 Months. Very disappointing for such a tremendous/talented actor. And maybe a trigger, compelling him to take such a drastic step. There are investigations going on inspecting a foul play, as of now nothing concrete hinting on it has emerged. The official statement from the authorities is still revolving around suicide.

However, the topic of nepotism which is heart of the issue must be taken into grave consideration and another topic which is of equal importance if not greater is “Depression”. Yes, mental health is still a taboo in our country. Sushant was depressed and was taking medication since many months.

I have seen some of my friends and acquaintances struggling with the same. Mental health is seldom discussed in our country, depression being something alien to our Indian culture. Until and unless the issue is tangible we are unable to take heed of it.

Now when a celebrity is dead as a victim of depression associated with nepotism. We are talking about it. Depression can happen to anyone and that too without a cause sometimes. Opening up and letting people reach you is always a solution. Still, the fear of getting judged or ridiculed by people stops a person from doing just that.

In some of his last tweets Sushant said and, the tweet reads, “We men are not asked about our health, our mental state, our lives, our thoughts. We are not treated that way. I know I have been through a lot lately. I have been tired of trying so hard. It’s been a long journey with you people. I don’t know why I’m tweeting this..”

Heart-wrenching, but true indeed !!!

Even any issue concerning men is downplayed. As the society considers men to be strong enough to deal with everything in our lives. Mental issues more so because how can a macho f*cking man with 6 pack abs suffer from mental issues ryt?

Depression can happen to anyone anywhere. Even depression can happen at an early age.

Indian Parents have failed at parenting. With their preconceived notions of success forcefully imposing them on their children, have led to mental issues cropping up in childhood itself. With no proper counselling centres or guidance children succumb to it at an early age.

Lack of awareness of these issues, related taboos and coercing Indian Parents lead to a “clusterf*ck” which has no immediate solution.

Healing happens overtime and only when the affected person acknowledges these issues. Once you have, the healing journey begins and hopefully the patient recovers eventually.

Having a spiritual anchor surely stabilises one’s mind. When one understands clearly that we are here on earth due to karma which we have to exhaust and the associated experiences are a part of it. Whether good or bad. We enter in a state of witnesshood. Unaffected by the said experiences.

For those who might not beleive in the spiritual stuff going to a counsellor helps enormously.

In my conversations with psychologists who treat clinical depression Feeling good by David Burns an ebook is strongly recommended worth reading. A really effective one if you ask me.

Suicide can never be an option. Nor suffering is one.

Help, Heal, Thrive !

The least we could do to honour this brilliant actor is to listen more and judge less.

Love Always ❤


If you need help in your journey of battling depression or just someone you might want to open upto. Please feel free to reach at . :)))

Ayurveda : A possible cure for the CoronaVirus?

Ayurveda the miraculous science of ages, has again stunned us with a possible cure for the deadly Coronavirus. Below is the research outcome of In-House treatment for corona-virus. This was shared by the healthcenter here at IIT-I (Indian Institute of Technology, Indore).

An Excrept-:

“With this background, it is our pleasure to share with you all that none of the person undergoing this treatment is found to be infected till today [i.e. 1st May, 2020] and few of our relatives and patients have suggested this treatment to suspected corona patient and they all had recovered.”

1 corona

2 cor

This is a discovery which needs further attention. Its no news that Ayurveda needs to be promoted much more extensively world over. Delivery methods need to be streamlined for those who cannot afford or do not have resources available for making such medicines. We have a long way to go in our fight against the CoronaVirus. Indeed such research is a step forward.

Love Always ❤ ❤ ❤


COVID19 : Emerging Infectious diseases and threats to global stability

Infectious diseases taking the form of a Global Pandemic must be recognised as the worst enemy of Humankind. A threat greater than any war. It is estimated that more people died from the 1918 Influenza Pandemic caused by H1N1 virus than from both the World Wars. World War 1 reports casualties somewhere between 40 to 50 million while World War 2 reports casualties between 70 to 85 million whilst comparing it to the number of deaths caused by the 1918 Influenza Pandemic it is somewhere estimated to be around 120 million to 140 million. When the world’s population was only 1.8 billion.

spanish flu
Spanish Flu

This just goes on to show the severity of a global pandemic on human life. A flu pandemic now has the potential to cause hundreds of millions of death in this era of over-population and globalisation. When the world’s population is 7.8 billion and increasing. Globalisation has made us more vulnerable, it makes boundaries invisible, a world without borders.

Global stability in terms of socio-economic factors gets deeply affected. Third world economies suffer the most when they are faced with a global pandemic. Both the developing and the under developed countries lack in resources which help mitigate the risks of a pandemic. Medical supplies, hospital beds and availability of doctors are some of the several pain points for these countries and even for developed countries, as the recent on-going COVID-19 pandemic has shown the world.

Lack of hospitals is a reality even for the United States a ‘Super-Power’. According to a recent report since 2010, over 100 rural hospitals across the US have closed and nearly 700 more are at risk of shutting down. The World Health Organization estimates that there are 1 billion ‘season flu’ cases worldwide and upto 6,50,000 deaths every year. When a Pandemic happens we can add another millions of cases on top of it which is totally unexpected and this unprecedented number, makes Hospitals overcrowded with their medical supplies limited.

The Doctor-to-population ratio is also a matter of serious concern in most of the affected countries. Consequently, the world is vastly unprepared when it comes to handling a Pandemic.

Tracing the origin of the first Pandemic in our 21st century, SARS(Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) characterized as a novel coronavirus had its origins in Hongkong, was an animal virus transmitted via Bats. MERS(Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus) which originated in Saudi Arabia characterized as a novel coronavirus, again an animal virus was transmitted via camels. Nipah virus outbreak of 2018 was traced to pigs and fruit bats with its origins in Kerala and Malaysia. Avian Flu or Bird flu which was the most deadly having a mortality rate of about 60 percent also originated in China via transmission from birds. The Swine flu pandemic originated in Mexico and transmitted through Pigs.

Coronaviruses: Hosts.

Therefore, we have ample proof that the cause of every Pandemic was animal transmission. All of the patient zeros identified in these outbreaks where consumers of infected animal flesh. With increasing population, we are raising livestock at unprecedented levels due to increase in demand of Animal Flesh subsequently, animal protein.

As the infection of 2019-nCoV coronavirus is quickly developing into a global pneumonia epidemic, the careful analysis of its transmission and cellular mechanisms is sorely needed. It is still unclear which animal served as the intermediate host that brought the bat coronavirus to human hosts. Whereas multiple studies suggest the Malayan pangolin (Manis javanica) as another host, some studies have proposed that the pangolin may be a natural host rather than an intermediate host. Nevertheless, the primary reason for it to reach human hosts was due to consumption of bats a widespread practice in mainland China’s wet markets.

Before delving deeper into a solution, we should first identify the problem. Dr. Dennis Carrol who serves as a Director of the U.S. Agency for International Development’s (USAID) Emerging Threats Unit considers identification of the above cited animal viruses as a problem area. Let us take the example of Avian Flu(Bird Flu) many thousands of birds migrate to and from different countries, detection of infected birds would require taking throat and anal swab (samples) of each and every bird in a flock of birds. The task requires immense manpower, testing kits and more importantly the migration pattern of the migrating birds.

Taking throat swabes of chickens for testing.

Conclusively, detection of these animal viruses becomes a herculean task. Which is a part of a problem. Until now inspite of us being in the 21st century and so technically advanced. We have failed miserably when it comes to the detection of these viruses. Only until recently, this major issue prompted Dr. Dennis Carol to establish a ‘GLOBAL VIROME PROJECT’ a scientific initiative to detect unknown zoonotic viral threats basically, animal viruses.


The Global Virome Project

Another problem with coronaviruses is their astonishing pace of mutations. The virus causing our current pandemic of COVID-19 which is SARS-COV-2 is mutating so rapidly that the immune response becomes obsolete by the next year. As per official reports it will take another year or maybe even more than a year for a development of the vaccine for this virus.

The solution which the countries have come up with is ‘Social Distancing’ which refers to restricted movements of the population as a whole and quarantining a whole country in a curfew like situation wherein the citizens are put in self-isolation at their homes. This drastically affects the economy of a country due to holding up of work at industries, offices, farms or elsewhere.

I may dare say that if we have only social distancing as a solution than we as human species must accept that we are utterly helpless and inadequate when it comes to tackling a global pandemic. We have already lost a war with mother nature which we as a species have been waging on since the times of industrial revolution.

social distancing
Implementing Social Distancing a problem in developing countries such as INDIA, 

A team of bio-researchers lead by Dr. Jacob Glanville and Dr. Sarah Ives are working on a universal vaccine which can immunize one self against any kind of coronavirus which may be show its ugly head in the near future. They have termed the vaccine as CENTIVAX. The only issue is that it will take another 5 to 10 years for its deployment subsequent human testing. There is also research on implementation of quantum dots as a possible counter-measures for corona virus then again a measure which would take decades to reach the common masses.

Dr. Jacob Glanville and Dr. Sarah Ives

A Feasible Solution-:

Naturally, our present situation sparks a debate over the consumption of animals. Do we really need the rearing of livestocks only for their consumption? Do we need to inflict immense cruelty and abuse on Animals for our sensory gratification? Or is our animal consumption a choice not a necessity? Is it worth it in the long run when we are witnessing a situation like a Global Pandemic costing millions of lives basically because of our eating habits?

Livestock raising takes hectares of lands and feeding of live stocks, looking after them costs huge amount of money. If the same amount of money, time and energy is spent on vegan alternatives it may solve the issue for the farmers. Furthermore, if let us say 5 farmers own a facility where daily butchering of tens and hundreds of animals is done. Which is more plausible?
1. Those farmers looking for a different employment opportunity or
2. Killing of live sentient animals cruelly miserably… who suffer excruciating pain and torture in the process.

Moreover, logically speaking if we pluck an orange another orange grows in its place we are not destroying the tree. We are eating crops, the seeds of which and consequent pollination by insects such as bees leads to preservation of that particular species even assisting the crop plant in their genealogical evolution(R&D has proved this as well). But killing an animal kills the animal and in the process the animal has to go through excruciating pain, trauma, sheds tears of grief even tries to run away from the killing facility.

Thereby proving that the magnitude of pain is much much larger in animals and maybe that’s why nature has provided them legs to run and eyes to shed tears. Plus the killing facilities are not a natural construction they are man made thereby proving that nature does not intend upon killing those animals… it is US!!

Another question might arise here. Related to religious beliefs as there are some religions who do advocate the killing of animals en-masse. Well I do accept that this is a sensitive issue.
Here I will not take sides with any particular religion, reason being the issues of sacrifice to appease gods or celebrating a festival by killing masses of animals is not limited to a particular religion. Events like these we witness every day. Some get featured in our mainstream news most of them go ignored and do not receive the required limelight. But I ask those who believe in such rituals. Do these rituals fetch any trans-formative experiences latter on after they are conducted? Every year it is the same unconscious following of them. Evidently, let us say if a certain god or goddess got happy seeing animals being slaughtered in masses. Their happiness surely should manifest triggering events such as heavy rainfall for their crops. Pushp-varsha( flower showering by the celestials during the occurrence of the slaughter). Deities manifesting and blessing them.

But events like these never happen. Factually speaking instead of heavy rainfall we have cloud bursts, instead of ‘flower being showered’ we suffer acid rain. And sure deities don’t manifest but profit reapers who reap huge profits from these events do. People associated with the leather industry, fur industry, meat industry obtain immense profits. Conclusively proving that rituals aren’t spiritual. They are harming us and the flora fauna.

The anatomical evidence tells us that we’re optimized for eating mostly or exclusively plant foods.  This is proven in a research titled “The Comparitive Anatomy of Eating” by Dr. Milton R Mills.

We have gone opposite to Nature in many ways and therefore we are facing repercussions from it in myriad ways one of which is a global Pandemic. The issue at hand of a recurring global pandemic, stands unresolved if the above concerns are not timely addressed.

The human civilisation must ethically and spiritually evolve and take a firm decision against the culture of animal consumption if not, such Pandemics will keep on repeating as there is no way one can detect or even predict such events.

Policy makers, planners and global health leaders need to take a well timed decision before its too late.



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  6. My own article on veganism.
  7. VIDEO: Will you still eat chicken in India? 


2019 : A year in review

I want to start by wishing everyone a happy and healthy new year! 2019 was a wild ride for me.

Getting a decent rank in GATE was the highlight of this year. Which made me visit almost all the IIT’s and IISc for interviews. Some I’d gone just to see what that particular IIT looks like 😀 . Talk about satisfying my cravings to get a glimpse of them all since my JEE days. I might as well give you a detailed review of each IIT with a star rating but that’s for another post I guess.

IIT BHU, IIT Guwahati, IIT Delhi, IIT Bombay, IIT Hyderabad, IISc bangalore, IIT Gandhinagar, IIT Kharagpur and even IIT bhubaneshwar :P. My Google maps timeline will vouch for it!

Well I know what you are thinking. Did I go to IIT kanpur? Hell no Nigga! No way. I shunned it on purpose. New readers who are wondering and do not follow my blog like they should first thing in the morning must read my previous blogposts on IIT kanpur.

A plight of the one who has cleared GATE with a good rank must also be taken into account. Every IIT is autonomous so they decide when an interview is scheduled without consulting other IITs interview schedule this is because there is no streamlined process or a centralized commitee to regulate and administer the interview and written exam process for mtech admissions in IITs. Thereby, much energy and money is wasted just to appear in these interviews. Sometimes, dates for these interviews also clash. One day you are supposed to reach IIT guwahati and on the very next day you are supposed to reach IIT gandhinagar. Both cities at extreme corners of India. Than again who gives a damn, apparently hiking the mtech fee and stopping the stipend for new entrants is more important.

Finally, I chose IIT Indore to pursue my Masters of Technology in Communication and Signal processing from different offers. After coming here I can say that it is the coolest IIT. How I love the colour blue ;). Except the mess food. When it comes to the food department well I will hve to say that please do something about it. It is shit. Just kidding(or am I? ) ! Please don’t withhold my degree :)))).

Me and mah swagger!!! (IITian kaun hai?)

Hostels here or more precisely the ‘Halls of Residence’ are heaven when compared to other IIT hostels. They have given us a 5 bhk flat with a attached kitchen, sofa, WiFi and 24*7 hot water facilities. It’s really good!

There ends my review of IIT Indore. Yeah! I covered the things important to me that is food and hostel. 🙂 OK let’s cover the academics part too. After my first semester which ended in November I learned a lot.

The very first thing I learned after mid-sems is that one won’t get marks by writing anything in the answer sheet 😛 . Revelations! For a guy coming from UPTU(Whatever is the name now :P) background. New questions are framed in each quiz and semester exams. Woah! Gazab! So, I had to study accordingly that is one day before exams 😛 😛 .

I chose Machine learning as my elective subject which trumped all the other subjects and took most of my time. The theoretical part consists of probability and statistics. While the coding part also requires one’s undivided attention. I made a project as required by the course curriculum on “Early Cancer Detection Using Genome Atlas” which translates to predicting cancer via tumorous and benign cells data analysis. Great learning experience!

True that!

It was really hectic, my first semester. With projects, studies, research and oh of course TA Duty.

I would like to point out that my interest in Machine learning and AI stems from David Wilcock’s Cosmic Disclosure revelations (please Google and do a little bit of research) and Elon Musks concern for an ever evolving AI which threatens our very own existence.

My personal experience of working in this domain familiarised me with many machine learning models and data preprocessing techniques which give accurate prediction results and sometimes even scary when compared to the actual data.

This being an individual’s application of machine learning models via python programming language implemented on real time datasets. What must happen in big corporations and to the extent the machine learning models are used in industries is open to speculation. No wonder Musk has his concerns in place. As, machine learning is an integral part of AI or more importantly the foundation on which AI is based upon.

The 21st century will be an age of AI. Data science is here to stay and boom in the coming 20 years or so.

Talking about things happening in the ‘mainstream world’. I have been made privy to the beginning of a massive turmoil happening in national and international politics. Trump got impeached and here our beloved Modi ji and cutie pie Amit Shah frame new policies every month. Well, i am not the kind of guy who will bitch about Congress and BJP and their history of bills and acts. What definitely concerns me is the state of research in our country. I mean they hiked the mtech fee for new entrants which they had to finally roll back but decision of stopping mtech stipend remains as it is.

Why did you stop mtech stipend? Nai batao mereko janna hai. As it is there is job scarcity in India on top of that Rs 12400 is nothing. Atleast the government must flush out Rs 25000 as bare minimum. If the country wants brilliant minds pursuing research.

I mean the justification provided was that students use MTech as a stop gap approach. OK! Hmm so they thought let’s stop the stipend altogether and increase the fee. So that those who get a good rank prefer a government job rather than making their career in research. Aisa kaise chalega? IIT Council itself lacks logic in its counter-intuitive thinking which harms the nation’s progress altogether.

In fact, all IITs are a stop gap approach for Indian students to settle abroad. I mean who are we kidding. As a placement coordinator here I am now familiar with the psychology of students. So the logic of stopping stipend is bonkers. And not expected from IIT Council which should be the seat of logic in this country. Just because institutions have a pending loan of thousands of crores does not mean they extract it from students. What is the government for?

I am hopeful that things will turn for the better. Setting powerful intentions in place, I welcome the new year 2020.

May you find yourself in a good shape financially, spiritually and mentally. May we all elevate ourselves to a place of higher awareness rooted in inner wisdom, love and compasssion. 🙂

Indeed :)!

Happy New year 2020 !!!

Love Always ❤️

A Soul’s Journey


How many times have we asked these questions to ourselves. Why God, why me? Why am i the only one who has to face such shit avalanche in my life. When everyone you see is in a better situation, we blame god for everything which goes wrong in our lives. Or if not God we blame someone for mishappenings, situations which have gone haywire.

Seldom we reflect upon our actions or meditate upon the situations which have led to a miserable circumstance in our life. Earth is but a prison planet if i might say so, drawing such an analogy comes from the karmic law which governs this planet. An eye for an eye, is how this planet works, and that is particularly why we can progress in leaps and bounds by learning from our sufferings. Pain and suffering are always inevitable for a large intelligence and a deep heart. With it comes compassion and empathy for fellow human beings who might be going through the same circumstances.

A soul’s journey on this planet comprises of many thousands of lifetimes, in different bodies. It takes many lifetimes before a craving for liberation, craving for truth finally settles in. Before liberation from the karmic cycle happen, a soul has to dissolve his every identity and every desire before he realizes the ultimate truth.

Awareness is the key. We as human beings are only aware of the physical body and its needs, how many of us have asked this question as to what happens after death? Even if we have asked this how many of us have sincerely embarked on the quest of finding answers? Those are very few people indeed who have the guts to walk the path of  self-realisation. Familial ties, urges, desires, attachments, addictions, intellectual masturbation, self doubt and everything in between hurls itself at us, not an easy task to remain steadfast in our journey.

Sure, we hear many different theories about spirituality, paths or religions but that stays at the level of discussion or a routine that must be followed. Experience doesn’t drive us when we seek truth most of us do spiritual activities as a display or for family reunion or to earn brownie points from society. This is the primary reason why the human race is suffering, pretentious existence which guarantees a wasted lifetime.

If only one could see existence in all its glory the physical plane seizes to be so alluring or for some so miserable. Everything happens for a higher purpose but this remains as just a saying for many, what if we are able to literally see it happening in front of our eyes. What if you are perfectly aware of everything you have manifested in your life the situations, relationships, health and work.

Awareness is the only thing one can invest in and which stays after death, and for ensuing lifetimes. One might ask the kind of awareness i am talking about? Does that mean seeing fairies and nymphs or going to garden of eden in an other plane of existence. Well if you are interested in that you might be happy to know that such things do exist not on this plane though but if you can astrally project yourself and are sufficiently evolved. You can do so. But it happens automatically once you are ready for it, out of body experiences make you aware of things  which you have only fantasised about.

On top of that wholesome awareness about your path, your life and purpose on earth is the kind of awareness i am talking about. If achieved it gives us immense clarity and with it commences a blissful existence. 🙂


About the planes of existence -: On these planes of existence need for words ceases to exist and everything is communicated via thoughts or thought forms. Maneuvering existence i.e, going to any plane can be done with will power alone, one just needs to have the intention and the universe will provide.

Accepting everything and flowing with life with awareness is the way to live and thrive. Death is just a transition from one plane of existence to other. I sincerely hope the reader is able to reach the state of self realization at his own time and pace. Why am i saying this? Because destiny also plays a major role everything from your birth to death is pre-decided the associations you will make, shitstorms you will brave, the kind of family you will be born in all depends on the karma you have to exhaust here which takes  the form of destiny.

Which also means that no “two day or one week workshop” can guarantee self-realisation. It doesn’t work that way. Sure they can give you good sensations but that’s all they can give you. Quite recently i went to such a workshop so i am speaking from experience. Self realisation is highly individualistic conforming to a system of beliefs without any experience is just adding trashing to one’s own mind.

Love Always ❤ ❤ ❤ …

P.S.-: I am grateful to my Masters Hanumanji and Mohanji who have endowed me with this experiential Knowledge of self realization. I say experiential  because i have had countless experiences with their grace. Thank you my gurus.. Love ya ❤ 🙂  !!!

Interesting reads-:

“A Soul’s journey” by Peter Richelieu
“Journey of Soul – Case Studies of life between lives” by Michael Newton 
(Strongly recommend) 



Nice guys and Porn sites

Before reading this post please do keep an open mind. I wont give a damn either way but still ! 😀 will be good for you.

nice guy rm


First, let us get into the term nice guy. Who is a ‘nice guy’? Nice guy is a misnomer for a pathetic loser who cannot express himself as he is. He hides his flaws and imperfections, avoids conflicts/confrontations, makes his partner the emotional center of his life, he will say what you want to hear he doesn’t care about the truth, his feelings or someone else’s feelings for that matter.

But Ayush this guy sounds like a pathetic loser, why are you calling him a nice guy huh? Exactly my lovely readers this guy is a pathetic loser but not for the opposite sex. For females he is a ‘Nice guy’ coz he is available 24*7 his insecurities wont allow him to detach from any instant messaging service. If he doesn’t reply within the next 2 seconds of reading a text his social validation hits rock bottom. Societal approval is everything for him. Coz if people and especially girls dont like him. It is the end of life for him.

Did i mention that nice guys never abuse. Oh yes they dont! These muddafackas angels of heaven won’t even use shit in a conversation without two asterisks. They also do not watch porn or do anything bad by societal standards. They can post mobile numbers on porn sites but they wont watch porn. Such respect for women makes me really want to worship their niceness with a stick and a shoe.

Just some ‘Nice Guy’ things 🙂 

Reality for them is a fuk fest of desperation, societal validation, pretentious politeness and constant rejection.

Talk about keeping people in comfort zones. Girls love them but ‘as friends’. They wanna share everything with them but it so happens and it always happens that the nice guy ultimately develops feelings for his bestie. The Nice guy in fact had feelings for her since the very beginning but he was too wimpy to express them so what he does is he makes strategies to win over the girl with his ‘Niceness’. Perpetual interactions with the opposite gender also inculcates in him feminine qualities (negative ones) such as back bitching and crying over things which dont matter shit. I have seen them getting ‘hurt’ oh mann !!!! Such cringe … wtf?

But once he understands that his ‘Niceness’ ain’t working. This complexed individual may even resort to derogatory means like defaming the girl or engage in criminal activities such as stalking, messaging or even posting names and mobile numbers on porn sites. This is in fact a common occurrence now and we hear this happening daily in newspapers.

Women are emotional by nature even when they take life decisions related to relationships or friendships, they weigh them on an emotional scale rather than a logical one. On top of this Indian women suffer from immaturity and unawareness. In a society of arrange marriages this has to be expected. Family dignity is everything and as a result such crimes are not reported which leads to the women suffering alone. Immaturity in tackling pretentious personalities that is seeing through the intentions behind such niceness leads to months of mental agony and harassment.

The niceness of these nice guys leads to destroyed relationships, mental torture and emotional scars for life. This is a criminal offence and must not be treated any differently than any other crime against women.

Moreover, females here in India are confused af.  They notice red flags in all the wrong places and when it comes to a real threat they go and embrace it with open arms. 🙂 . The inherent niceness in these nice guys works as a babe magnet and they just cannot control themselves from sharing everything with them. Nice guys know all the tricks of emotional manipulation. They have been into many ‘friendships’ with the fairer sex therefore they understand the emotional triggers which leads to deeper but platonic friendships. Comprising of playing the victim card and generating empathy in the other person. Some may even go to the extent of threatening to kill themselves if a girl doesn’t talk to them or their needs remain unfulfilled.


Facing constant rejection also mentally damages these nice guys. In effect it leads to the emergence of psychotic behavior. Which in turn leads to criminal offences.

Of course one should take action against them. Cyber crime can be reported with a mail to a cyber cell. Source of any derogatory comment/ defamation can be traced by tracing the ip address which is really not a big deal and the whole process takes just days(as given on the cyber cell site) . Anonymity too is guaranteed for the victim.

Having covered the issue of nice guys in detail. Let us talk about the other side of masculinity.

An Integrated Male 


The opposite of a nice guy is an integrated Male. The foremost quality of an integrated Male is that he is direct. No beating around the bush. Just calling a spade a spade. This direct nature stems from honesty and integrity.

Embracing the flaws as they are, working on them and improving each day instead of hiding them. Working on skills rather than investing time in useless relationships or friendships. Human nature is such that we crave companionship, but if one’s confused emotions due to lack of communication/interest hinder one’s emotional, mental and physical health. That relationship must be ridden off as soon as possible. It takes guts and a whole lot of will power, strength and bravery to express oneself as they are. Its no joke to lead a life of truth, honesty and kindness when the world around you is cruel and stupid af.


P.S. -: I am a sigma male though if you are wondering what kind of a male i am. I researched a lot on this and resonated with sigma male characteristics 😀 .



Why suicides are happening in IIT Kanpur?

Every hour one Student in India commits suicide. Through this post I would like to explore the causes behind such a scenario from my personal experience with IIT Kanpur. It is a well known fact that IIT Kanpur is the highest among suicides and here I will tell you the reasons why?

I was selected in MS(R) interviews for signal processing and communication. You can even check my name on the site. I received the mail in evening of 28th November and the interview was scheduled on 30th November. IIT Kanpur somehow assumes that either you have portal technology to manifest anywhere at will otherwise you are filthy rich and can afford airplane tickets just a day before.

The kind of sensitivity that IIT Kanpur displays towards its future students is evident here. Luckily been from Lucknow I was able to come via bus but what about others who were from hitherto parts of the country?

It’s not that they are oblivious to this. Even upon reaching the interview venue they called us at 8:00 AM the managing faculty arrived in the lecture hall around 10:00 AM, the first question he asked was “How you guys were able to come?”. Ok so is this a joke for you? Are you calling students from all over India for your sadistic pleasures?

The Interview Experience

I was called at 8:00 AM and my interview happened at 5:30 PM!!!

The interviews which I have given earlier and I have given many from job interviews to academic ones. The common pattern is first the interviewer gives 2-3 minutes to the candidate to relax them. As we already are so nervous beforehand. But here it was totally opposite.

When I entered the interview room there were 4 professors sitting around a round table. The one who was heading the interview I recognised him by his face as I used to follow his lectures on a subject(Digital Communication) on nptel. It is one thing to follow someone and a totally different thing when the person is in front of you, that too interviewing you.

For a few minutes I was speechless. Also I would like to mention here that. I was not feeling well since a few days and somehow came to Kanpur. I had cough-cold and fever on the day of interview. I took some medicines in order to survive the day’s ordeal.

Students who were interviewed before me had only this to give as a feedback “Bhai ghante Bhar khare karwa ke maar rahe!!”

I was mentally prepared but not so much as to face an IIT celebrity face to face.

A question he asked me was, why you left your job in such a good company and applied for this course. I replied that I left my job to pursue research. You won’t believe what the NPTEL lecturer had to say on this. He said but there is no research happening in IIT Kanpur. So why opt for MS?

I was stunned and didn’t knew how to react. Yes it’s a known fact that IITs are only known for publishing research papers and no concrete research ever happens here. But to hear it from an IIT professor of that stature is a different thing altogether.

Another professor then just asked me to get the marker and proceed onto the whiteboard.

Ok, I thought maybe that’s how it goes. So, I approached the whiteboard. The professor than asked me to write a difference equation. So I wrote and than he said to wipe it out as he didn’t say to write it. What the fuck is wrong with you bro? Alzeheimer? Substance abuse? Alcohol Intoxication? Amnesia? Didn’t take your vital vitamins? Or your IIT brain collapsing on itself like a sun going black hole?

I couldn’t understand, he than asked me if I will proceed by myself or what he says .. I said whatever you say obviously. You are the interviewer.

“Haan Hum toh BC Dene ke liye Aaye hai na”

So he than asked me to write the difference equation again this time what he says. I agreed and than he proceeded on to dictate the equation. Which was the same one I wrote earlier. You fucking with me prof?

By then I knew that these sadistic and frustrated so called gurus were here to just ridicule and make fun of the interviees. So I played along. Now the bhagwaan of communication the nptel guy asked me a question which I was unable to answer though it was basic. But I couldn’t remember as I didn’t revise anything prior to coming here.

So the next guy asked me a question I don’t know what was about his face. He was smiling continuously. So cringy! The question went like this. Draw the Gaussian distribution curve.. so I did and than he said “You are getting Gaussian samples from a pdf. What will be the mean of the samples ? ” I never could make head or tail of the question because it was ambiguous.

That’s it, two questions asked in 20 minutes and the interview was over. Not because I lacked knowledge no no no no.. but it was getting late for these sadistic fucks and they needed to masturbate after having a hard on all day with the interviews.

Jokes apart , the primary reason was they had to finish the interview as many guys were remaining after me.

Not even an ounce of regard or honour for the candidates. They were treating everyone like shit. Everyone had the same experience of that panel.

Even those who were selected last year had the same experience they went on to say that there was nothing they could answer but didn’t know how they were selected. Coz sadism is the most important criteria for these IIT professors.

Again there was another panel which was better than this one but destiny is all!!!

Also, During my waiting for the interview I literally saw 4 guys begging these professors for marks. Professors are everything in IITs especially for an MTech/MS student. I got to know that people there had to overstay to complete their degree like 3 year degree in 4 years just because the professors didn’t approve. You have to make them happy by doing menial jobs for them. And everything they demand off you. I literally saw it happening in front of my eyes.

My cousin brother did his BTech from IIT kanpur way back in 1999 . So I was interested in it. But after this experience God forbid! Such an ambience of depression and sadism the air there was toxic and reeking with mental misery and distress.

The important questions here to ask is why are these IITs so overrated and massively funded when they aren’t contributing anything?

The most important question is why are these institutions operated when they have zero research to contribute?

Another one why there is no regulatory committee or panel who reviews these professors and if they are ethically fit for teaching? I have even heard of professors taking substances like ganja(weed) before classes.


I would like to deliver a message through this blog to the students. “Latko nai latkao BC!” .. 🙂

CGPA needs to be maintained but more than that. Start asking questions with the system why it is so? Until and unless everyone is aware and ready to take action not much will change anyway.

I really don’t think one should commit suicide just because a depressed, sadistic good for nothing individual is harassing you. Life is a journey. Every moment a mystery. What can happen in future no one knows. You can become an influential person of authority and your experiences can guide others. Suicide is for cowards it is living life every moment that takes real strength.

Thank you for your time reading this…

Love Always ❤❤❤

P.S. -: Some links here to further explore this issue.

Me Too

All of us are familiar with the Me Too movement ‘India version’. Girls are coming out and targeting celebrities for sexual assaults which happened quite a while(read decades ) ago.

In a society which has lost its touch with the divinity within and only wants the opposite sex for sensory gratification. This is bound to happen.

I am an imperfect guy. I am a ordinary human being when compared to the likes of celebrities or anyone famous. Still, i just thought that I should share my opinion and experiences.

Ok! beginning with a screen shot. Here’s a guy who commented on my blog or rather replied to a comment. A lady here commented on my blogpost as she loved it. A random guy replies to the comment with this-:

Seriously, what the fuck bro? Are we Indians so desperate. No wonder bobs and vegene is what we are looking for.

Ok i am not a saint i know… And i should not preach but i can at least point out bullshit when i see it. And this is a personal experience. Even when i was with my girlfriend the creeps made it really impossible to have a decent conversation while in a public place. Everywhere you go one can see eyes staring at u more on ur partner tho.

Grow up India! So, he needs a sexual girl well this might be news to you guess what?! ‘every girl is sexual’ but they ain’t having sex with you no way bro! Go somewhere else. Ironically this guy is into spirituality as is evident from his Facebook profile which i later looked up. What should i say? here I am posting my research on the internet for all to see. Still the bobs and vagene populace finds a way to get what they ‘want’. 🙂

In India it’s a taboo to have sex before marriage, men are confused as they fight with their hormones and ‘morals’. And so are women. They have a lot to endure and fight for though when compared to us. I am not even a girl and this was just a random comment i mean seriously are you so desperate that you are replying to a ladies comment with your mobile number!

So u are hoping that the girl will call u up. I mean how will the conversation go have you even thought about it? “Hi Mohit, so yes i am a sexual girl really liked the brevity of your comment, lets have some fun, so your place or my place?” :D. What is the mentality behind such insane stupidity I really just want to know!

However, delving deeper into the meaning of relationships. A complete relationship for me is where both parties are fulfilled sexually, emotionally and karmically. Also, if the relationship is not for a higher purpose it won’t work. I have already said this time and again. I mean you have fun and than what? There should be a purpose behind two souls coming together.

But that is far from the point. If women endure men do too.

Statistics speak for themselves. More than 50 percent of the rape cases are false. Complaints are registered either for revenge or to malign someone’s name or image.

Both genders are suffering because of confused morals(closed mindedness) and distorted definition of love which is in reality “universal” .

Relationships don’t work because people say something and don’t mean it. No integrity of any kind left in our society.

What to do in these times? Well Go within urself analyse and process. What do u want? There should be perfect clarity in-fact about every aspect of our life. Confusion gives rise to chaos and anarchy.

Why as a society have we come to such a point where people go to social media for seeking revenge? Do they have no trust in the judiciary and hence looking for pressure groups in the media and elsewhere. If thats the case, why is such a system in place?

When one knows that substance abuse is a reality and leads to crimes such as sexual assaults, rapes and even murder why not ban those substances and put in strict regulation? Punish crimes with an iron hand. Obviously this can can not be done, because the system doesn’t work!

Negativity and abuse happens in a relationship quite often. Nobody is a saint and we all had our fun moments in life where we held no bars and kept a ‘no strings attached relationships’. But that shouldn’t make one an easy target. Respect is mutual. If you bitch about somebody until and unless he is a Buddha or a being from a higher dimensional planet where there are rainbows and unicorns and a smile on everybody’s face one is bound to react.

We are on ‘Earth’ a planet of suffering. And why are we here? Because we need to process our shit!!! And than attain liberation(mukti).

I am no saint and i am processing my shortcomings which are many. In fact i believe i am the most imperfect guy. But that doesn’t mean that one should go rambo on each other’s asses! There would be utter chaos as is happening now.

The primary reason why a human being takes birth is for liberation. Anything other than that is distraction. And that is precisely why the sanatan dharma advocates for the four ashrams.

About girls though I think i might get the ire of some feminazis if i say this. But woman are you confused!!!!

You go and make a profile on tinder where u update your bio with things like “not here for sex”. Ok? Hmmm? What are you there for? Long term relationships and than shaadi? There is Bharat matrimony and for that check them out. Why tinder?

When you are in a relationship you are confused about the difference between companionship and friends with benefits. Expectancies becomes a binding chain.

Let’s chat about friends with benefits. What the fuck is that? Ok so we like have sex a couple of times and than you want me not to get attached to you. Ok but than why the fuck do u want all the perks of a relationship to go with it? One should support you through ur emotional turmoil and mood swings which happens like every 2 hours and should expect nothing in return. Because if a man expects sex he is selfish and thinks about himself. No way! he should only think about u but when he things about you. He becomes clingy! And when he is neither of the two he is not giving you attention. And so it’s time to break up and move on.

Yeah! Welcome to the shit show of the relationship scenario in India.

My point simply is when one is not happy with oneself, how can he make others happy?

The best thing to do in these times perhaps is to keep one’s mouth shut and meditate. Maybe this fuck that meditation will help you. 🙂

I beleive this post might have offended you. Coz we Indians are offended by everything. So sensitive we are. Awwwww!

Disclosure-: Part 3 ( Ancient Civilizations)

The two books which made a huge impact on me and the ones i got hold of very early i.e. in my teen years ‘ Thiaouba Prophecy’ and ‘Lifestory of Hanumanji’ you can find both of them online.

The first one details the account of an abductee who went to a higher dimensional planet in his physical form. And the second one is by far the most comprehensive and scientific outlook on Ramayana till date. ‘ Lifestory of Hanumanji’ will change the way you look at Ramayana forever.

The war between Rama and Ravana was an intergalactic one with highly advanced technologies and weapon systems used. Ram setu a bridge connecting Sri lanka and India finds mention there, also the kind of technology which might have been put to use in those times.

If one starts looking at our ‘human origins’ taking into account a universal perspective, many of the miracles mentioned in Ramayana and even Mahabharata will garner logical explanations.

Graham Hancock the author of ” Fingerprint of the Gods ” has explored ancient ET civilizations in detail. The Piri Reis map which finds its origin in the 15th century shows exact topogrophical features of the Antarctic without ice. It was so accurate that even the 19the century adaptations of the same map were used by cartographers for sea navigation.

The Piri Reis Map

We cannot expect a primitive civilization to map an ice free Antarctic region with such accuracy and precision? Antarctic was never ice free up until 35 million years ago!!!

The timestamp of Ramayana spans almost the same chronological era. One may refer Kalki Purana for the exact duration of all the ages. Ramayana happened in Treta yuga. Which almost lasted for 3,600 divine years, or 1,296,000 human years.

‘Divine years’?! Or a time relative to our physical reality. Einstein’s theory of relativity has proved that time and gravity are relative with respect to the mass of an object.

Albert Einstein, in his theory of special relativity, determined that the laws of physics are the same for all non-accelerating observers, and he showed that the speed of light within a vacuum is the same no matter the speed at which an observer travels. As a result, he found that space and time were interwoven into a single continuum known as space-time. Events that occur at the same time for one observer could occur at different times for another.

Furthering my point i am including an excrept from the book(“Fingerprint of the Gods”) itself-:

Is it possible that a human civilization, sufficiently advanced to have mapped Antarctica, could have developed by 13,000 BC and later disappeared? And, if so, how much later? The combined effect of the Piri Reis, Oronteus Finaeus, Mercator and Buache Maps is the strong, though disturbing, impression that Antarctica may have been continuously surveyed over a period of several thousands of years as the ice-cap gradually spread outwards from the interior, increasing its grip with every passing millennium but not engulfing all the coasts of the southern continent until around 4000 BC. The original sources for the Piri Reis and Mercator Maps must therefore have been prepared towards the end of this period, when only the coasts of Antarctica were free of ice; the source for the Oronteus Finaeus Map, on the other hand, seems to have been considerably earlier, when the ice- cap was present only in the deep interior of the continent; and the source for the Buache Map appears to originate in even earlier period (around 13,000 BC), when there may have been no ice in Antarctica at all.

Evidently, this is enough proof that Earth has been getting visitors from ancient civilzations since millions of years.

If an extraterrestrial advanced civilization finds roots on Earth. We can safely assume that attempts of terraforming and genetic manipulations would have been done countless number of times on many species here and with ET species ‘far far away’ . Which might explain as to why Earth has such a rich biodiversity.

Ancient Builder Race and ‘Oumuamua’ -:

I am still researching on this subject but the cigar shaped asteriod with a never-before-seen orbit has baffled even NASA scientists. They are unable to come up with a sound explanation regarding the size and the shape of asteriod.

Mainstream news related to the same.

Even the asteriod is speeding up!!!

I have watched the Entire interview series of Corey Goode by David Wilcock. Authenticity of their intel is unquestionable(at least for me) as being an Intutive Empath, many a times, i have experienced the same.

The implications of this is huge and if brought into mass awareness, may steer our civilization into exploration of our real ancient roots.

We need to be open minded in accepting our origins. One can deny opinions but how can one deny scientifically backed facts?

Thank you for your time reading this!

Share and subscribe, let the avalanche of awareness begin 🙂 🙂 🙂 !!!

Love Always ❤

Disclosure-: Part 2 (ET Visitations)

Most often Aliens and ET’s or topics related to them are a subject of ridicule, incomplete information or just plain speculation. To get a clear perspective about them remains a challenge.

People make fun of things which they do not undertstand, the subconscious programming via belief systems and traditions makes them oblivious to the ‘real world’ around them.

One look at the mainstream news and you will get my point. Go to or for that matter any other news outlet. The media focuses on bullshit. Like what is Jhanvi kapoor wearing and who trolled whom. Really?

Lets check the trending youtube videos in India. BB ki vines, Punjabi songs, Amit Bhadana, Boys vs girls, wtf?

Einstein once said -:

And the day has arrived, a generation of fools who cannot perceive reality out of their comfort zones. People operating at an emotional level rather than driven intellectually.

Having said that, please keep an open mind when reading my blogposts. I am not concerned if you like it, the truth needs to come out unfiltered. I will challenge and destroy each of your beleif systems. And only then Liberation will happen. Coz only Truth Liberates.

The Story of Valiant Thor-:

The Physical dimension is limited to 5 elements and hence in order to interact in the physical plane. A higher dimensional entity needs a physical body.

क्षिति जल पावक गगन समीरा पंच रचित अति अधम शरीरा। ” – Ram Charit Manas

The atmosphere on venus cannot support physical life but can we say for sure? There are bacterias which can sustain themselves at very high temperatures and live without oxygen. Asteriods have been found containing traces of bacterial life. So at the cellular level it is very much possible that intelligent species might function without the pre-requisites of life sustenance which we have on Earth.

Which brings us to the case of Valiant Thor supposedly an extraterrestrial from Venus. Who came to Earth to drive some sense into the political elites of United States, The Super power.

It seems logical right?! An advanced civilization contacting the most advanced country on Earth at that time to deliver a global message.

Moving on,


A highly advanced entity channeling through a human vessel named Daryl Anka. One can go to youtube and find numerous channelings of his.


“Greetings Dear Ones, i am Kryon of magnetic service.”

One can feel the love in those words directed towards each one of us.

I love that voice and moreover i deeply resonate with the messages channeled 🙂 . Kryon is a multidimensional entity here to evolve earthian consiousness.

So YES! ETs are real and working towards evolving the human collective as a whole towards unconditional love and universal awareness.

More on this in the next part, coz the attention span of our generation is only 7 to 8 seconds. Thanks to ‘smartphones

Love Always ❤

DISCLOSURE -: PART 1(The Awakening)

I have been researching on physical and metaphysical subjects since, i was 15 years of age now i am 25 which makes my work experience in this field of around 10 years. 10 years of continous research. In this time, i have seen conspiracy theorists, experiential spirtitualist, alternative media, whistleblowers and free energy advocates dumbed down, executed or silenced through various means.

A prime example related to these heinous activities would be an alternative indian media outlet “ India Daily” . Not only this online newspaper covered alternative sciences and present technology in great detail but also the type of civilization the earthian governments have encountered.

This was in 2008 when i was in grade 10 . I used to read it daily and then one day it disapperead off the internet. No f@cking trace! there are slight mentions of this in some newspaper if you optimise your search on google.

I tried many keywords but nothing concrete showed up. There were some doscussion forums on yahoo, 4Chan and highlighting its disapperance and how the technology covered was beyond anything earthly.

So yes it did exist and cover up happened in front of my very own eyes!

What led to its disappearance and is there a hidden sinister force concealing matters of extraterrestrial subjects from going mainstream. I mean the mass conaciousness is still stuck at “ Are we alone?” A question of utmost foolery and naiviety.

The Deep State

This and many other incidents like it made me inquisitive about the true nature of control which is gripping the planet ultimately leading to forced poverty, usseless law-order system, rampant corruption, rigged political systems, societal divisions and on top of all Insensitivity towards Mother Earth.

All my research from hitherto sources led to this conclusion of a shadow government ruling the planet. Let us just call it Deep State at the moment as it is most commonly referred to in alternative media circles.

Evidence of the so called Deep State

Thankfully, Edward Snowden has made many big revelations about the same. He disclosed massive amounts of classified information about how the US government concealed a whole fucking branch of jurisdiction from public eyes. Now please let it sink.


Named as National Reconaissance office functioning as Monitory and survelliance of every American citizen and suspected terrosists abroad which included smartphones laptops and internet data. Anything related to your accounts was read and decoded while you were watching “Netflix and chilli’n”

About Edward Snowden

So yes we are in deep shit… How deep? No-one knows for sure!

There have been many disclosures event which are happening all over the world but each one of them never made into the mainstream news channels.

The latest one would be the Sirius Disclosure.

It was an event which had perhaps the widest reach. And just when everyone started noticing it, twas silenced.

More on this in the second part of this series which will cover the extraterrestrial presence on earth.

Love Always ❤

Commitment and Relationships


How can a person commit to another person and on what level are they committing to each other?

I always found it hilarious when listening to ‘cute couple talks’ about commitment in a relationship. Who we are committing too? Is it the body of the other person, the thinking associated that we will be always physically loyal to them no matter what?

Well this aint possible guys and gals. And I think that’s why we see so many broken relationships leading to negativity in thought, words and action eventually when expectations do not get fulfilled.

Broken commitment
Commitment a mutual binding.

Human life is full of illusions at every path. The human mind can only perceive the visible spectra and cannot see beyond that. That is one of our limitations. Similarly, when we ‘commit’ we are operating from a sensual/physical level. One likes someone’s personality, the way he expresses himself/herself moreover if one is a ‘maal’ or a dude. Commitment happens at a rapid pace 😛 . Thereby proving that commitment nowadays is only limited to physical attributes.

People get hurt when expectations aren’t fulfilled, this can be on a sexual or emotional level. Leading to a catastrophe in their personal life. Addiction to stuffs happen and slowly but steadily decay in consciousness also takes place.


If relationships are based only on infatuation/crushes for someone’s body or personality. It will surely lead to suffering as desires have no end. Someday someone with a better persona will arrive thrusting ‘commitment’ down the drain.

As a human being, we have needs. Sexual need the strongest amongst them, coz we long for love and connection in our life. Someone who truly understands us and is there for us no matter what! An emotional level of commitment.

But do we see this happening in the real world? Obviously not! As time and space progresses, people change and they have to because of the varying situations happening in their life. Who we are to blame then? The person or the situation? Both of which aren’t in our control. Factually nothing is!

Sexual connection leads to exchange of energy which in turn leads to illusory love when in reality it is just hormones playing their ‘feel good’ part(Dopamine) . Thereby proving that ‘love’ cannot happen with a physical frame it is just exchange of energy, fluids and intimate talks .

True love is universal in nature it isn’t limited to a ‘person’, ‘place’ or ‘thing’. True love is unconditional in nature and can only happen with oneself alone. Unconditionality has no attributes associated with it. When love is unconditional there are no expectancies at any level may it be physical or emotional. We love someone not for his personality but we see ourselves in them.

Commitment and all is bullshit once we look at it from this perspective. Commit to yourself!, instead.  

Relationships can only be successful when there is a higher purpose involved behind two people getting together, keeping expectations at a bare minimum. Higher purpose can be when one thinks of others and works towards it rather than their own selfish needs. Otherwise, desires have no end and suffering associated with them will be truly eternal for both parties ‘committed’ to each other 😛 !

higher purpose


Thank you for your time,
Love Always ❤ ,
Ayush Dixit

A Christmas gift from unearthly friends

This christmas was the best and damn do i feel happy about it 🙂 , though i am a hindu and celebrating or associating with christmas is not in my culture still personally i love jesus christ and his teachings of universal love.

Having said that there is a whole book about him being an ET soul (Book name -: Thiouba prophecy ),  his purpose of taking birth on earth was the preservation of dharma and spreading the message of universal love.

Lets not venture too far though and focus on the expereince i had on this 25 December 2017. If you are not aware about the term UFO, Lightships and UAV’s i would like to throw some light on both these two terms and the meaning they really imply.

UFO-: Unidentified Flying Object or (We-Know-what-it-is-but-aint-gonna-admit-it-coz-it-destroys-our-beleif-system)

UAV’s or Uindentified Aerial Vehicles-: Now these are shiny metallic objects in triangular planar or metallic form. They are mostly reverse engineered UFO’s by the military of any of the elite nations such as USA, Russia, Germny so on and so forth.

Lightships-: ET aircrafts manouvered by subtle beings(i m not going into the dimensional perspective like 4D, 5D…11D beings) so lets stick to that here.

Now what i saw was a lightship radiating red, green and yellow colours. When one is in contact with a lightship the communication happens telepathically.

ALSO in order to differentiate a UAV FROM A UFO OR A LIGHTSHIP the key is establishing a telepathic communication. Otherwise it is just a gross human entity sitting in there inhabiting a primitive consciousness with hands on advanced technology.

So, to differentiate between a UAV and  LIGHTSHIP one has to carry purity and eligibility for telepathic communication. As i was a little bit skeptical about my eligibility and the sight i was witnessing i telepathically communed that if it is a lightship please take a 90 degree turn sideways(not possible for the UAV’s to do so). To my surprise the lightship stopped midair (it was glowing red) and stood there for atleast 3-5 seconds how is that possible for a terrestrial vehicle? Then slowly it started drifting and took a 90 degree turn rose up and rapidly increased its speed and then it took a 90 degree turn again. I was like woah man! this sure is cool . I didnt fear the craft at all it was like friends playing with each other, they just got few highly advanced toys thats it, LOL!

red ufo
A Red lightship. Source: Google

I was amazed and awed by the experience. Disclosure surely is upon us, only thing really matters is our acceptance of universality and keeping an open mind.

I do not consider myself special in any way to witness such an experience. People all over the world have been witnessing lightships since many decades in the recent years the sightings have peaked as we are moving into the golden age. It is just not so mainstream as the human consiousness is still based in fear, soap operas, hollywood, bollywood etcetera bullshit.

Fear must be replaced by love alone. Love for the being and the universe only then one can taste existence in all its entirety.

P.S.-: I dont use a smartphone coz it makes me dumb 😛 , so i dont have a picture, the pic  attached is the closest resemblance to the lightship i witnessed.

Thank you for your time,
Love Always ❤ ❤ ❤


Telecom Sector: Where India stands?


Working for more than a year in a globally renowned telecom giant made me realise a few things about the western dominance in every sphere of our technology.

It is really sad to know that India stands NOWHERE when it comes to engineering or research in conventional or new technologies.

We suck at it!

We do not have a single chip making industry as of now. How can we even dream of researching subjects which aren’t practically taught in our labs? Be it IIT’s or NIT’s or any renowned private engg colleges. The output we get from them in one word is ‘Nothing’. 

Indian graduate populace is forced to look for jobs abroad as the industrial scenario is shit here.

We have no clue about what is going wrong. The whole education system is based on money for degrees instead of imparting ‘quality practical education.’ Which can really make a difference.

Ok, enough of my rant about the education system. Lets move on to telecom sector where the scenario is the same as other technological sectors.

India cannot boast of a single domestic vendor company which can handle a network. All the big players in the telecom market are of foreign origin.

Reasons cited above, government has to do something about this as our whole communication network lies in the hands of foreign hosts. Such as China, Sweden, Japan, etcetera Companies like nokia, rapidly expanding Huawei, ZTE, Samsung and Ericsson are the major players in the managed services arena.

Our communication networks are sensitive and in foreign hands. Can we trust government funded Chinese companies which form a major chunk of Indian networks in times of wars?

Why even after 70 years we aren’t technologically self-reliant in sectors where it matters the most???

P.S. -: Keep visiting for more info and solutions which i shall be sharing soon!




Emergency Call Failure-WHO’S RESPONSIBLE?

Passerby Making Emergency Call For Ambulance
Passerby near unconscious senior woman making emergency call

If an emergency call fails who should be held accountable for the failure. The operator(Airtel, Vodafone, etcetra) or the laxity of the  policemen in which case the police stations and the masses blames the operator.Who shpuld be held responsible for such a grave issue?

In reality an emergency call never fails. Let us understand the process of the call flow-:

A subscribes via his UE(user equipment) dials an emergency number. In case of an emergency number the call is patched to the nearest network with maximum signal strength.. Irrespective of the operator’s SIM card you are using. If one has an Airtel sim card it doesn’t mean that the call may only happen via the Airtel network but automatically gets transferred to the maximum strength network by any of the vendors in that area.

Once the call is patched through the network it is routed to the BSNL exchange through the MSC(carrier Ethernet network).

Still why does a user never gets to speak to the policemen?(Mostly this is the case, not ALWAYS). At the receiver end sometimes policemen unhooks the receiver from the hook pad to avoid continual pestering. After a while the handset becomes dead.  The EPBX (Electronic Private Automatic Branch Exchange)board blocks the call or more accurately the UE itself from accepting any calls.



Henceforth any call made via the emergency number is not setup.

Solution-: In order to avoid the blame game by the police administration operators must define a MO in the RNC itself which tracks the number of calls routed to the BSNL exchange. Those successfully setup and those rejected by the exchange.

Audit of these emergency call logs must be done on a periodic basis. So that concerned entity is held accountable for each call failure.

Up Next-: Increasing the efficiency of police stations.

Links(For basic understanding)-:

P.S.-: Needs further addition.


The ‘Thing’ with Rama

rama statestman

Lord Rama, a perfect disciple, yogi, warrior, son, husband, king all in all everything. An embodiment of perfection. That’s what the Ramayana screams out to us. Maryada purshottam Shri Ram. The title accompanying his name means ‘pursho mein uttam’ i.e, Foremost amongst males. Indeed.

How so?
I have always pondered over the significance of morality, ethics or principles. Purity so too say? Why the need of so much purity. Why be pure in the first place . I am sure as Rama was the prince of Ayodhya a guy with just the right features and castle balance to woo any  princes or get laid with any 1 around the globe. Then why choose the path of purity, self-restraint Choose the path of shiv to become Shiva(Universal consciousness)?

Compelled by circumstances he was forced into an exile. 14 years long. During which everything happened. The real charitra(characteristics) of Rama was shown to us through many incidents conveyed  in the Ramayana.

Rama stands out with respect to other Indian kings happening over ages as he was the ONLY king of Aryavarta(now India) who conquered the world. Conquered the planet! He conquered Ahiravana the king of america. Then Ravana the foremost among the demonic kings. Slaying demonic forces and re-establishing dharma on the planet is what he did and always stood for.

In the end he succeeded to…

Sages and seers time and again have laid emphasis on controlling our senses. Or more importantly moving internally instead of externally. May be this was the ‘thing’ Rama had. Absolutely  conscious of senses. Perfectly aware that his words, thought and action are always based in selflessness.

Once the physical senses are in absolute control. Mind is defeated. What remains is just absolute awareness. Reality becomes multidimensional. Physical reality the materialism associated with it cannot even touch the one who exists in this state. Having experienced multiple realities the person gains ‘universal awareness’ all things terrestrial become trivial.

Universal Awareness
Universal Awareness. 

Existing in that state there are still duties to be performed. Without any emotions though. An unemotional existence but a sensitive one. Fodder for the senses are emotions.

When man reaches an unemotional existence nothing affects him. Fully focused and with 100% conviction he walks a purposeful path. No interaction in the physical world or metaphysical(astral/ethereal planes of existence) world is without a higher purpose.

Higher purpose has nothing to do with sensual gratification. If the purpose is sensual gratification it will lead to a karmic action. Binding one to the terrestrial plane.

Absolute experiential awareness about this fact is what Rama’s constitution was all about. The ‘thing’ so to say. That extraordinary element which made him the ruler of the worlds.  The glory of rama was this ‘thing’.

A matchless statesman he united clans against demonic forces. Clans both earthly and unearthly. We find the description of extraterrestrial light-warriors such as Hanumanji possessing the appearance of a humanoid monkey, Jambavant – a humanoid bear, Jatayu– a humanoid eagle etcetera.

Collage hanuman jambavanat
Jambavan, Hanuman ji and Jatayu.

All fighting against the demonic forces under the leadership of one man Rama.

In my understanding Ramayana was an intergalactic war. With races participating from across galaxies, star-systems and planets. Much like Star Wars Please go through ‘Lifestory of Hanumanji-by swami shyam’(available online) to get a further glimpse. Also, i shall keep posting on this once i acquire enough research material. Rama himself had a sirian origin. Please check this another blogpost i published earlier. 

I do not understand the abstract concept of GOD. Instead i acknowledge my experiences and move on with it. There is this ‘grace’ elemnt which happens when one works for others. Grace protects the individual against all odds.

Grace is the sum total of all the help existence provides. Grace can take up any form depending on the help. Masters appear as a result of this grace. Masters guide as a result of thi grace. All the great masters are subjected to it. All the masters are one with it.

Once acquired it makes a man invincible. The existence supports him guides him and works for him at each and every point. Rama proved just that with his annihilation of the demonic forces leading towards his ‘ekchatra raj’ over planet earth.

Digvijay Rama the always victorious one proved that with this ‘thing’ called grace one can be everything, get everything the only pre-requisite required is just selfless service towards the existence at large.

The kirti of yashwasi Raja Ram will echo through ages to come. Even in this Kalyuga we see numerous serials, movies, books, comics discussing Ram. Henceforth, proving that the grace element works even when the physical body departs. So much so that his yash-gaan happens even in Kalyug.

Check out the below latest music video celebrating Lord Rama-:

Conclusively, The ‘thing’ with Rama was – ‘Grace’ 🙂

I consider myself totally ineligible in describing RAMA. Numerous books or words may fall short in describing him in all his glory. This was just a futile attempt conveyed in my words of the understanding i have gained whilst connecting to the RAMA consciouness.

Thank you for our time reading this,
Jai Shree Ram!

My humble salutations at the lotus feet of Lord Rama. 

“Sri Rama Rama Rameti, Rame Rame Manorame,
Sahasrenama tattulyam, Rama Nama Varanane||”

Love always ❤ ❤ ❤
Ayush Dixit


Interview with the Matted Hair

As a ‘Spiritual Researcher’ a synonymous term for a ‘Yogi’.  I would not like to entitle myself with the latter as it is directly associated with the image we have of a yogi as one practicing really difficult yogic postures standing on one leg and doing all sorts of asanas, postures and things I might call ‘practically unrealisable’.

Being blessed with yogic roots i always wondered as to what yoga is? In its complete entirety. IS yoga simply a group of asanas or postures. Breathing in  breathing out umpteen no. of times. Does It involve only stuff which requires these steps?

Does one have to go to hilltops during winters meditate and all(the general perception we have of Yoga). WHAT IS YOGA?

Here’s a complete interview of a Sadhak I stumbled upon with matted hair thereby the title ‘Interview with the Matted hair’ coz the most striking personality aspect I could relate to or found amazing was simply his huge matted hair. Most of my questions found answers ‘through’ him.

The conversation we had was totally spontaneous with me on the ropes cornered to one side just listening to him with apt attention and asking him relevant questions. When one is completely empty only then other’s words may fill in. No judgements, just listening. 🙂

At that point in time I was his disciple and he was my guru.

Place-: Hanuman Setu Mandir, Lucknow.
Date-: 31-12-2015 (New Years Eve)

I had this inspiration in me to start the new year by taking blessings from my ‘Ultimate Guru’ Lord Hanuman. So visited the temple. Upon entering the temple I laid my eyes upon this saint looking intently in the eyes of deity. Chanting some inaudible mantras.

With questions sprouting in my mind I intended to approach him. But his stern gaze and strict posture made me hesitant as I thought i might disturb him in his ‘Sadhana’ I kept looking at him for a glance as a mark of approval so that I may approach him.

In my experience most of the sadhus or saints I meet-up turn out to be ‘Vasooli Bhais’ in the garb of a saint.

No, but this man was different his gaze powerful and fixed. Lips engaged in Constant chanting of mantras. Eyes fixed, not caring about anyone inside the premises. His demanour instilled in me deep curiosity.

A Matted Hair Saint.

In due time he looked at me seizing this opportunity I immediately approached him. His powerful gaze was sufficient enough to give me an understanding of his stature. Being closely associated with Masters blessing me physically as well as metaphysically. I recognized him as someone to be of the same stature.

Approaching him and initiating the conversation, I asked him his whereabouts. And the reason why he has such huge dreadlocks what was the significance. To this he replied that the huge dreadlocks were because of ‘grace.’ They used to fell of when there purpose was over. Not a style statement. (They were completely natural !)The significance of dreadlocks in my path the path of shiva is of much importance.

On further enquiry, he told me that He never used to cut them but his hairs used to fell down whenever their ‘work’ was done.

And i am like how is this possible? His answer was again the same ‘grace’.
More than a conversation this was a channeling. Coz, he was just flowing with words and started giving his comments on everything.

Beginning with the lifestyle choices of today’s generation. He said why one must wear short dresses when the only need of clothes is to cover our body!?

I was dumbfounded with this simple and childlike understanding of clothes. His suggestion for our generation was to shun fashion. Saying all this is ‘bekar'(useless) Pointing towards his jhangiya(a cloth worn over thighs). He said the main purpose of clothes was to protect oneself from cold. Why wear all sorts of crazy stuff then? 🙂

Pointing to the crowd of beggars which stands in front of the temple. The number is huge if one visits the mandir one can see. He said most of them standing are shaitans(bad) almost ’80 pratishat’ and only the rest 20% are sincere sadhaks or in his terms ‘good’.

Commenting on the state of affairs of pandits in our country he abused and cursed them in Hindi. He only had abuses for them. He said:

“भैया हमसे कोई भी मिले बस प्रेम होना चाईए,
लेकिन ये पंडित किसी की मरी मौत मै भी पैसे मांगते है,
ये करो वो करो.

ऐसे नहीं करना चाईए. गलत है.” 

English Translation-:

“Brother, anyone can meet me only he must have love in his heart. 
But on the contrary, these pandits charge hefty sums of money for different ritualistic deeds even during someone’s cremation. 
*Quoting them* ‘Do this, Do that’. 

This mustn’t happen. It’s wrong.”

Words so simple yet so powerful and just.

Having renounced everything at a very early age saying no to marriage withstanding insurmountable parental pressure. This man was a yogi since childhood. I was really very impressed with the the way he expressed himself. With complete spontaneity and childlike expressions.

Towards the end of our conversation I asked him if he wants anything from me(in terms of money or any seva). To this he replied “How can I ask for anything? Whatever Kali maa has in store will manifest itself.”

Most of the pandas I have met would bargaining assuring of making kripa(grace) available for a definite amount like. 100 Rs one gets kripa. 1000 rs + samosa + green chutney one may get a child. Moving on with prices one continues to get benefits. Higher the price higher the grace higher the benefits.

But this man to my utter surprise asked nothing. Getting a hint of his stature I insisted him to take some money from me and after much convincing from my side. He took the money and apologized for the cuss words he did use earlier in describing pandas. As a mark of gratitude for the things he sahred with me . I bent low and touched his feet. Then he asked me to leave as he ntended upon continuing his sadhana.

I circulated the shrine of the deity and once upon looked at him. He diddnt care about me staring at him or anyone else inside the mandir for that matter. Once again he was standing upright posture stern eyes firmly fixed on the deity. Lips chanting an inaudible mantra over and over again.

I continued on towards the exit of the mandir.  While the world was celebrating new year 2016 with firvour, colours, firecrackers and all. This man maybe even oblivious of the fact that that day was a new year’s eve. Was engaged in tapas/sadhana in attainment of perpetual bliss… Disregarding anything external.

Wondering all along what is ‘grace’ actually? May be this answer will have to wait for sometime more. Can grace be summed up into a definition. For a technical guy like me assessing the world in terms of frequency and energy. Grace remains to be the biggest mystery in my spiritual quest.

Moving on to answer my questions through this experience.

Maybe ‘Sadhana’ is an instrument for elevation. A yogi is the one interested in his spiritual elevation always. Spiritual elevation is –> rise in consciousness from materialistic to universal. 

Yoga is servicing the source/God in anyway possible. It may not involve harsh unreasonable practices but instead must focus on ‘Universal Love based activities’. 

A revelation indeed for an ‘unmatted guy’ like me engaged in the materialistic world 24*7.

Signing of 2015 with gratitude for all the experiences and welcoming 2016 with open arms and a heart filled with love…
A very happy new year 2016 to everyone! Stay blessed and focused for your elevation.

Love Always ❤ ❤ ❤ ,
Ayush Dixit

Daru and Stuff… (Some FAQs answered)

Ok lets talk about Intoxicative stuffs. Hmmm, yeah i am not so much of a fan of daru(liquors), gaanja, hookah, weed, charass and stuff. Well experience of these things sometimes might be cool. But the question is:

Why indulge in such stuff?
Mostly, individuals take drugs so as to experience something different something transcending our boring daily lives. ‘Escapism’ from the physical reality might be the primary reason for indulging in such kinda stuff.

Escaping from boring 9 to 5 jobs, heart wrenching break ups, Boss ki gaali, career tensions, self-esteem issues, low confidence and other such kinda things. Doing Drugs makes one light headed, free from all tension, anxieties and worries. Fixing one in the NOW. Wherein all shit goes down the drain. Ultimate Bliss. Ahh!!!

But is this a permanent solution for our worries or troubles?
Why is taking alcohol an issue and if not with alcohol than how to achieve a similar state. A more sensible state. Drugs give one confidence no doubt.

But the confidence induced is more like this one.

Like really! Once alcohol goes in only non-sensible Bullshit comes out.

Senses are numbed down. Nervous system responses become a slow process. Harming vital parts of our body.

Here’s a vid explaining the harmful effects of alcohol on our body in a much more detailed manner.

So yea, doing drugs–> not so cool for the body! Remember ALCOHOL IS A DRUG as well.

Not taking drugs isn’t a matter of ‘Sanskars’ or ‘becoming a Baba’.
I mean come on wtf? If someone is caring for his body by avoiding drugs this makes him healthy, wealthy and wise.

Healthy-: Abstaining from drugs or any kind of intoxicants is healthy for our body(refer the above video).
Wealthy-: May it be any kind of liquor. They are all costly. For Price list click here.
Wise-: One talks sensible things instead of just random BS. Thereby not wasting time and energy. Investing the same for constructive purposes. Breaking away from the eat-sleep-shit-repeat cycle. Becoming Wise!

What’s the alternative then?
How to have a high self-esteem, virtues, confidence, sense and good things in one’s life?
How to achieve the ‘state of being in the NOW’ 24*7*365? Being ‘High’ perpetually.

The answer is quite simple. In one word. Silence. Striving for silence.

Why are we running away from ourselves searching for solace hitherto when bliss lies within? No need of external stimulus or catalysts to make one feel better for a while. Silence is a state.

Silence is a perpetual state. When one starts loving silence more than anything else like porn, sex, sutta, hookah, daru, weed etecetera. He/She has arrived. Its like a permanent state. ‘Being Bhand’ 24*7*365 !

Why yogis opt for silence rather than sensual pleasure?
Coz maybe it is more blissful and permanent than anything can provide. One need not depend on anything/anyone.

Plus existence becomes beautiful and more expansive it’s like witnessing the world through HD lenses. An awareness of everything subtle happens. Well, nothing can be said for that state.

The transition is from a ‘Limited consciousness’ operation to a ‘Universal consciousness’. ‘Selfishness’ to ‘Selflessness’.

Looking at things with a universal perspective. Above the ‘me-mine-family’ perspective. For those established in silence there is nothing to talk about. Their mere presence speaks volumes!

Silence is an EXPERIENCE! Wherein words cease to exist.

Existing in that state doesn’t mean that an individual never utters anything. But the words uttered, actions done are all for a reason. A higher purpose. Saying things, doing things which make sense. A conscious way of existing on Earth.

Now this is ‘real cool’ !

How to achieve silence?
Try meditation. Okay, if ‘om om om’ is boring. Try perpetual meditation. Meaning witnessing every thought, word and action. Ensuring that they make sense. Are rooted in unconditional love and non-violence.

Hope this answers most of the questions about ‘Daru and Stuff’

Thank you for your time reading this.

Love Always ❤ ❤ ❤ ,
Ayush Dixit

Travelogue: Visiting Ayodhya

Lord Rama. The ascetic King. An incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Foremost amongst warriors. A brahmin who was a kshatriya as well.

Ayodhya was the abode of Lord Rama, descendant of the solar dynasty. This heritage place has been a topic of communal discord since many years now. Questions pertaining to Lord Rama’s existence, the importance of the place in spiritual terms physical/metaphysical ways still linger on. Trashing(ignoring) all the above things i went for direct experiential understandings. I was more inclined upon feeling the energy of the place rather than just hearing stories.

Going to Ayodhya made me realize the extent of degradation in consciousness our ‘society’ has undergone. Places of worship are treated as picnic spots. Downtrodden filthy ghats, irreverence amongst the priestly class. Extortionists clad in saffron asking for money in the name of god at every point. Some even drunk!

Made me question our respect for Rama’s ideals and principles which he established during treta yuga conveyed in Ramayana. Are we even aware of the spiritual intensity this place is charged with! Its significance? Or is it just a place where families come to have a good time?

The later sounds more appropriate in defining the present state of affairs.

Solar dynasty in which Lord Rama incarnated worshiped the sun with utmost reverence for it. Worshiping didn’t mean just unconscious following of rituals and tradition. But worshiping carried a much higher purpose. Sun represents dharma in every aspect. To be more precise i shall quote my guru Mohanji on this.

Sun represents the cycle of existence. Sun nourishes, sustains, dissolves or recycles – even water, which can stop fire, is recycled into vapor, rain and then back to rivers by the Sun. It creates change in seasons cyclically. It moves the world and the lives on the world. It creates, sustains and dissolves. Sun is the abode of many beings. These beings are of the same material of our soul, which cannot be drenched, or burnt by any element including fire. Their body itself is fire; or, fire transcends through them, or, they transcend through fire. No fire can harm them. They aid wisdom, not only to mankind, but to other beings in other planes too. These are just a few aspects of the SUN. So, follow the SUN and you will know Dharma in its completeness. Meditate on SUN. Chant Aditya Hridaya. It will eradicate Tamas and make you shine forth. RISE AND SHINE!  – Mohanji

Conclusively, SUN IS DHARMA.

The purpose behind Lord Rama worshiping Sun was inculcation of these divine qualities which Surya Dev represented. 

Animals not only cows were equally treated amongst Ayodhya wasis(dwellers). Lord Rama was a higher consciousness being. Established in the state of universal consciousness. Unconditional love embodied. 

Yet, what i saw there was contrary to everything which Rama taught and lived. This is not only with Ayodhya but mostly all the religious sites which exist today in India. The spiritual sites or mandirs are highly potent energy centers. The common masses ignorant of the fact that these places hold tremendous energy. Instead of meditating upon the deity, basking in the energy of the place. Utterly disregard everything.

Disgusting state of Ghats(jetty).
Disgusting state of Ghats(jetty).

Reaching Ram Ghat, I decided to have a bath in the holy river Saryu. But to my utter dismay. The ghats were not in a good condition. With dogs everywhere. Animal poop lying on the stairs. And what not! Still having a firm intention to bath in the Sarayu whilst paying my salutations to the sun(Surya dev). My Kul devta. I opted for a delta in the river and went there to have a bath while steadily looking at the sun reciting ‘om suryayah namah’ .

Worshiping the sun. Aum Suryayah Namah!
Sun Salutations. Aum Suryayah Namah!

I could feel vibrations in my hand. Which has been my experience whenever i connect to a higher consciousness. So it works! What is needed is purity at every level . Utmost reverence for the deity. Emptiness of framed up concepts.

When one has all of this he/she experiences existence in all its entirety.

Surya deva meme _/\_ .
Surya Deva _/\_ .

The love vibrations from the sun energized me. I felt my spine infused with solar energy. A solar experience!

In my understanding, this is what holy places are for. To sit and meditate. Bask in the energy of the place.

On the contrary, I saw people quarreling inside temples. Pandas extorting. Litter on ghats. Totally unfit for bathing purposes. Witnessing such things totally destroys the bhakti bhaav(love vibrations) with which one arrives at such a sacred place.

Police Checkings at every point. Pic Courtesy-: Indiatoday
Police Checkings at every point.
Pic Courtesy-: Indiatoday

Visting ‘Ram-Janambhoomi’(Birthplace of Lord Rama) surely takes the cake though, it was one harrowing experience! It was like going to have a look at a high profile criminal passing through scores of checking booths. Under a tunnel fenced up on all sides. Individuals were frisked at every point by the authorities just to ensure that nothing can harm Lord Rama or the place!

Only to get his darshan for a few seconds.

Made me question the significance of all this. In those seconds of darshan. One cannot even have a proper look at the deity let alone connect with him or meditate upon the idol. What are we aiming for then? One’s spiritual elevation? Or just mindless stalking of the idols?

Idol Darshan becomes a futile exercise if latter is our aim.

Sad state indeed!

A concluding message-:

High time we regard places of worship as energy centers endowed with tremendous potential for spiritual elevation. Only if one is accepting, silent, empty, devoid of all pre-concepts about the place. Then connection in consciousness happens. Deep silence within happens.

Otherwise-: well try malls, hill stations, lounges, parks, Sunburn(musical festivals), television, cinema, trekking, etecetera if the purpose is going for a recreational activity with friends and family.

Please refrain from doing so in temples. Coz It destroys the sanctity of the place. Dishonors the deity. On top of that discourages sincere sadhakas(Spiritually Conscious individuals) from meditating upon the deity.

Thank u for your time reading this, please take home the message if it resonates.

Jai Shree Ram! (Do we really mean it though?)

Love Always ❤ ❤ ❤ ,
Ayush Dixit

Krishna and the Sirian Connection

Before attempting a read of this write-up, I shall urge the reader to please have an open mind and a rational approach. Also, do have a look at my previous write-up on Krishna titled ‘Decoding Krishna’ where-in I talk about Krishna’s previous incarnations in different yugas.

I only covered his two HUMAN incarnations namely Lord Kapila and Lord Rama. In this write-up I shall move on and throw some light on his NON-HUMAN incarnations such as Matsya Avatar and Narasimha Avatar simultaneously talking about Krishna in much more depth.

I have been a spiritual researcher since very early on. I looked at the spiritual texts namely Puranas, Vedas, Ramayana and Mahabharata with a universal approach. For me they always contained much more info than what was visible on the surface. Researching further, I found out many subtle hints encoded in those texts.

Self-contemplation, analytical diagnosis and most importantly surrender to the universal will enlightened me to facts which somehow explained many of Vishnu’s incarnation logically and much more meaningfully than what we normally can conceive of or come across.

*Oh! And I shall substitute Krishna with Vishnu quite often because they are the same soul. Krishna is Vishnu’s embodied physical form in dwapara yuga. Bear with me. 🙂 


The debate about whether life exists on other planets and all. Are we alone? Well, it’s foolhardy to think that we are alone in an universe teeming with planets, galaxies, star systems. NASA already has confirmed that extraterrestrial life indeed exists !

Enormosity of our observable universe ! Is it not foolishness to assume that we are all alone in the universe?
Enormosity of our observable universe ! Is it not foolishness to assume that we are all alone in the universe?

And this is just the observable universe we are looking at !

What if life on earth was seeded by technologically and spiritually advanced extra-terrestrial entities? A possibility, eh?!

Though the topic I am covering in this write-up requires extensive research.  Frequent/ every-day contacts with extra-terestrial races by individuals possessing a higher consciousness proves that the entities we are talking about do exist. We may not see them with our limited consciousness operating only in the visible region of light. But they are very much here and active.

We see almost all of Vishnu’s avatars depicted as ‘blue skinned’. The colour blue and his incarnations always go-together. Imagining what Krishna might have looked like isn’t so hard for those who have seen the cult movie ‘Avatar’ by james Cameron. Here’s an image.

Avatar Movie Half human half na'avi
Avatar Movie – Half human, Half na’avi.

The theme around which the movie revolves was how this guy with a ‘human/limited consciousness’ takes an extraterrestrial body(a Na’vi body) and then sort of incarnates on their native planet Pandora. To complete a mission. Wooooo! Rings a bell… Let us now reverse the storyline, change places and consciousness .

Drawing a parallel-:

Planet -: Pandora
Consciousness -: Limited(Human)
Physical vessel named -: Jake’s AVATAR.
Native origin -: Earth
Mission -: Just stupid destruction of flora and fauna to gain some minerals–> A Selfish Operation.

Planet –: Earth
Consciousness -: Universal
Physical Vessel named -: Krishna
Native origin -: Sirius
Mission -: Preservation of Dharma. Annihilating the bad guys. Liberation. –> A Selfless Operation.

In the past, many individuals/clans/tribes have had contacts with the spiritually advanced Sirian civilisation. Those existing in a higher consciousness state have channeled information regarding the type of civilization and entities living there.

Video Courtesy-:

Please do have a look at the video before reading any further.
Most of the gathered info in the video is from an ancient tribe the dogon tribe which was in contact with the sirian civilisation during ancient times.

Analyzing the type of description given for the four types of races inhabiting the Sirius star system -:

Type 2 -: Feline race may explain the NARASIMHA AVATAR OF VISHNU.


NaraSimha Avatar- Feline face with a human body depicted in blue.
NaraSimha Avatar- Feline face with a human body depicted in blue.

The job was the same in this avatar too. Destroying negative entities and re-establishing Dharmic order.


An excrept from the video-:
“According to the Dogon, a race of half fish and half human beings descended from the sky on west Africa and taught the dogons many things including sharing information of their home world. “

Half Human and Half fish - Matsya Avatar, depicted in Blue.
Half Human and Half fish – Matsya Avatar, depicted in Blue.

Half fish and half human being sounds like Matsya avatar of Vishnu !

This indicates that Sirius has overseen earth’s planetary evolution since many eons. When we start looking at things in this way considering an extraterrestrial involvement in earthian affairs, intergalactic wars such as Mahabharata and Ramayana may be explained. Building of the rama bridge. Profuse use of nuclear weapons in the Mahabharata war. Intergalactic travels through vimanas (conveyed in the Vaimanika Shastra) . All of it makes much more sense. Once we take into account the above perspective.

Moving on, to Krishna now.

Krishna depicted in blue holding the flute.
Krishna depicted in blue holding the flute.

It is said that higher frequency vibrations exists in love. 432 hertz is the love frequency emanating. The love frequency is 432 hertz. What are its effects, well please do have a look here…

It is a gateway towards healing and well-being. Scientifically proved already !

Guess at which frequency the divine instrument bansuri is attuned at. Well the exact same frequency the LOVE frequency.

Which may explain Krishna’s love for music and musical instruments particularly bansuri 🙂 . The purpose behind Krishna playing this ‘divine instrument’ was never to attract young girls. Well, he played it for the well being of everyone around him. UNCONDITIONAL LOVE In operation. A primary aspect of the Higher consciousness !

These were all scientific arguments discussing about krishna and his non-human incarnations.

On top of that, here is a channeling by the Lord himself 🙂 _/\_ .

An Excrept-: 

It is not widely known, but the Hindu culture in India was seeded there by Lord Krishna, from His home planet “Sirius” (“Krishna Loka”) in the Sirius A Star System.

Most of the information that follows was channeled from Lord Krishna Himself, through His channel, Trillia Gia and myself, Rananda. He has given His permission that this may be published now, as part of disclosure of the extraterrestrial presence on and around the Earth right back to ancient times of pre-history.

In my personal opinion, I have always looked upon deities, gods, demigods as entities at a higher position in the spiritual evolutionary ladder. Elder brothers and sister on the path of ascension. My aim has always been to BECOME THE DEITY rather than worshipping the deity a whole lifetime. Which made me research facts rather than just blindly believing anything said. Most importantly my personal metaphysical experiences made me realize the multi-dimensionality of our human existence. Thereby giving me deep understandings into the subtleties of existence.

I am aware that through this write-up I have challenged rigid belief systems, comfort zones and may be religious sentiments. By giving a logical, sensible, scientific and an universal approach to many myths associated with Krishna and his avatars. I shall therefore urge the reader to research further Instead of having a closed mind to any new information challenging our pre-programmed intellect.

Debating is good though 🙂 . I am open to logic or any counter arguments.

Oh and stay tuned for more !

Love Always ❤ ❤ ❤ ,
Ayush Dixit

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I am a believer and here is my message to the atheists.

Well am not a ‘believer’ actually, but  an ‘experiential spiritualist’ exactly. I trust my experiences and believe the associated understanding with them.

On belief systems, principles, dogmas, customs, rituals or traditions-:

Assertion : Without the repeated following of these customs salvation(liberation) may not happen.

Proposition : Taking an example, let us say that one day we have an extraterrestrial contact with a humanoid race. Previously we had, as there are historical proofs-: Pyramids, cave paintings shout it loud. Let us say ET races do exist. When they land on earth. What would they be wearing ‘a tilak’? ‘a topi?’ ‘a saffa?’ ‘a cross?’ or any other religious symbol? Since going by our belief system liberation cannot happen without following a set of beliefs isn’t it? So, those ET(Extra-Terrestrial) races will not attain salvation or liberation at all !! Thus implying that GOD is so cruel, partial, unjust and unfair!! But religions teach us that GOD is benevolent, impartial, just, compassionate and expresses unconditional love. So aren’t the customs or rituals contradictory to the teachings of religion itself ??!!

UFO Depiction on Pyramid walls.

Conclusion :
Unconscious repetition of rituals without experience is against the very teachings of religion itself  hence should not be followed until and unless it is trans-formative and changes the basic constitution of the individual. Instills love, sympathy and compassion(positivity) towards ALL.

About the present Education System and the New Age.

Education system today is more of a money making industry. Do we have any idea of our true human intergalactic history ?! Numerous channelings from extra-terrestrial civilization is happening now does our education system cover this? Are we even aware of our true History and Human genome constitutions?! Love being the basis of existence is the common thread underlying every channeling or messages coming from angelic, alien, inter-dimensional realm etc… Does our Education System throw light upon this as well? Factually, our present education system is limiting our awareness level, it is feeding us concepts and beliefs rather than experiences….

A crude perspective of dimensions.

Hence, Education System of today is inadequate, limiting, fear-based, money based and promotes selfishness, greediness, competition (materialistic approach towards life) rather than making us conscious about the multitudes of realities.

About ‘Heaven’ and ‘Hell’:

Talking of inter-dimensional and multiple realities, parallel universes, parallel earths. Isn’t this possible  that if higher dimensions having higher frequencies exist lower dimensions may also exist called heaven or hell?! As the immediate physical reality we see is a 3D one. What about realities with 4 or 5 dimensions 6 or 7 may be 10 or 11 dimensions?  With our physical eyes will we be able to perceive those dimensions ?! Unless and Until we operate from a different equipment(third eye may be!!) Maybe, the yogis, saints, avdhootas operate not from physical senses but from something else CONSCIOUSNESS may be?!! Or ‘Chetna’ as the ‘Sadgurus’ have called it.

Hence, proving that GOD cannot be proved but can only be ’experienced instead’. So, the whole idea of ‘Atheism’ is based on a false belief!!!! Atheism is – ‘I don’t believe GOD exists cozz there is no proof.’ Well man, your beliefs or opinions are limited to your conditionings  and associated understanding of the conditionings covering only the physical reality in general. Hence, how can you ‘believe’ that GOD exist when you are only aware of the physical reality which is temporary.

And as Einstein said-:

“Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.”

So isn’t Albert Einstein hinting at something very ancient. MAYA(Sanskrit name for ‘materialistic illusion’) may be?!

All the above reasons do have a logical conclusion and they are-:
1. Idea of atheism is based on a wrong notion.
2. Ancient scriptures or texts may have hinted at alternate realities and ways to experience those realities by not attaching to the immediate physical one(keeping away from MAYA  and senses!!) .
3. To experience GOD – express your basic nature as you are GOD. GOD is in unconditional love and selfless service.
Resting my case. 🙂

Open to any suggestions or counter-logic. Through debates knowledge expands. So please feel free to share your opinion on this.

Thank you for your precious time reading this.
Love always ❤ ❤ ❤

Media – A Circus of Negative Entertainment

Okay, so a popular Bollywood celebrity recently got married to a lucky gal. Wow awesome ! Now please tell me what this has got to do with me, my family and the society at large? Why are we wasting spaces in newspapers, tabloids writing loads and loads of articles on the couple. Describing their attire, relatives, venues, banquet hall, ritual drama, etcetera.

Who is a ‘celebrity’ firstly? What are we celebrating? The meaning less song and dance around trees, the cheeky dialogues, demeaning lyrics objectifying women which make no sense even if repeated many times over. Why should we celebrate people who contribute nothing worthwhile to the society?

If a particular celebrity is spending millions on a wrist-watch, a salwar-kameez, a kurta-pyjama or anything else. Is having an affair with two, three or a bevy of ladies. WHAT SIGNIFICANCE OR IMPACT DOES IT HAVE ON US?! Why waste precious time and energy covering such irrelavant news items. I don’t think it should be called ‘NEWS’ even!

News is supposed to be something which makes one aware of important daily activities. Nationally or Globally. How is a celebrity marriage important or even relevant to our daily lives?

No relevant content to show only purposeless distraction.
No relevant content to show only purposeless distraction.

For a consciously aware person/outlet there is no dearth of topics to show or conduct a healthy discussion upon. In these times, technological innovations are happening at a freakish pace. With the change in earth’s frequency there is a massive increase in positive initiatives been undertaken world over. Why not cover that? Create a ‘domino effect’ by planting positive thoughts in the mass consciousness? Create an intellectual environment for bright sparks?

Media serves as an instrument for thought seeding. If only, the media focuses upon positive topics, on creating a conducive background for positive actions instead of TRP oriented news items revolving around Rape, Murder, Torture, lewd jokes or similar purposeless things. We could very well use media as an instrument for collective positive change.

Seriously, Who gives a rat’s ass about Mr X hooking up with Miss Y?(bedroom stories) Certainly not people with a definite sense of purpose in their lives! In my observation our tendency to suffer them fools gladly has turned media into a circus of negative entertainment.

Who is a ‘Celebrity’ then?
For me a celebrity is one who contributes something positive to the society. A guy/gal whose presence ignites, drives people towards a positive action. One who leads by example. Does what he says. In that case, our soldiers are celebrities, individuals feeding the poor, the hungry doing it behind invisible camera lenses with no expectancy attached. No expectancy for fame, money or anything. Doing selfless activities just for their hearts content and not for pseudo-appraisals over national/international news networks. They are our celebrities!!! Simple.

Maybe the increase in rapes, violent crimes is because of the negative thought seeded by news networks 24*7*365 non-stop!  Furthermore, adding to it our main-stream films, propagating the message of ‘daaru'(liquor) and illicit sex, embedding them subtly in song lyrics. What kind of action will these thoughts lead to? Bhajan? Kirtan? Chanting? Well, I don’t think so. The end result will obviously be negative. Increasing cases of drunk driving, rapes other violent crimes happening nationally just go on to prove my point. Hence, somewhere media is surely responsible for the booming crime rate.

Stop Negativity, Embrace Positivity - ASAP!
Stop Negativity, Embrace Positivity – ASAP!

Solution :
Media is a reflection of the collective consciousness. Only a Collective consciousness can change a collective consciousness. Thereby, blaming anyone for the content shown is ignorance. It’s high time for those sensitive and conscious individuals to group up, take initiatives in their hand – catalyst positive things up. At an individual level – social media is the answer. Collectively, making sure that salt of the earth finds more publicity rather than scum of the earth over worldwide media. 🙂

Thank u for reading this,
Love Always ❤ ❤ ❤
Ayush Dixit

Decoding Krishna

An Avatar of MahaVishnu. Krishna remains as the most intriguing, versatile personality humanity ever saw. A King, lover, husband, musician, politician, warrior, wrestler.  Krishna was everything. Successful in every aspect. Krishna excelled in fact more than excelled in everything he did.  Before talking about Krishna let us understand the term ‘Avatar.’

An avatar is supposed to be the one with something extraordinary in a divine respect. Whenever humanity has been on the verge of extinction due to its corrupt practices mainly because of insensitivity and over-emotionalisation of things. This guy took birth brought reins in his hand delivered the wicked and went on to accomplish the herculean task of preserving dharma.

Even it is said that God Hercules and Lord Krishna are one.

Let us look at Krishna in few of his different Avatars happening over time.

Krishna as a master did incarnate before as Sage Kapil who gave the Sankhya Philosphy. Delivering the essence of religion giving a purpose to the human life. He showed the way to one’s self. Swami Vivekananda called Kapila Muni “the greatest psychologist of the world has ever known”. Sage Kapil avatar happened when humanity needed gyan/wisdom. ‘The greatest Psycholgist’ hmmm.

Looking from the perspective of soul evolution that is inculcation of skills in an individual’s constitution. May be Krishna got his spiritual eloquency in this avatar! (which may explain bhagvad gita)

Then Krishna incarnated as Lord Rama. An avatar born to teach humanity fundamentals of living. Why faith and purity were important and essential in achieving Liberation from the birth-death cycle. Ultimately, his Job being the same- Preservation of Dharma.

Finally, we see Lord Krishna incarnating having all of the previous personality aspects of each of the avatars. The skills/talents inculcated in his previous lifetimes were put in practice in this incarnation . In this avatar we find Krishna leading armies(Lord Rama aspect), giving knowledge (Sage Kapil aspect), delivering Bhagvad Gita the essence of all the scriptures in a nutshell while in the battlefield. Looking in this forward direction we may begin to understand how Krishna became a totally versatile soul. Perfection embodied. The add-on in this avatar being ‘mischief’, ‘playfulness’ and may be a seeming flirty personality. 🙂

Krishna's sequence of Avatars-May explain inculcation of skills.
Krishna’s avatar happening over time. Vital in understanding inculcation of skills in an individual’s constitution.

Through his different avatars Krishna moved on to become more and more powerful and Versatile.

We can understand the phenomena of inculcation of skills through his journey.

Why Krishna was chosen?
At times of universal crisis, let us say a planet going towards utter and complete destruction. Highly elevated Souls incarnate on that planet in order to save it from a great deluge. Earth being a planet . Human emotions attached to temporary things have time and again brought this planet on the verge of extinction/termination. In order to save It from complete annihilation the Universal Consciousness working through a Master itself takes embodiment.

Now comes the interesting part. Though all the masters are one with the source. Why was Krishna chosen as the one for incarnation at that point in time? Why not Haidakhandi Babaji, Sai Baba or others chose to incarnate? Krishna having diverse multiple experience of handling earthian lifetimes ascending while on it doing the job ‘James Bond’ style(leaving the ‘getting-laid-every-now-and-then’ part 😉 ) without getting attached to anything terrestrial, made him an apt choice.

Krishna-the guy who incarnated himself whenever things got out of hand.
Krishna- The guy who incarnated himself whenever things got out of hand.

A ‘James Bond with a higher consciousness’ as I would like to entitle him. He did the job of preserving dharma extremely well in fact par excellence. How?

1. A brilliant military strategist, he orchestrated the whole Mahabharata war in which though he himself never commited any violence still cleverly making instruments killed the bad guys responsible for bad things.

Krishna strategically managed the war for the pandavas, guiding them making sure the wind was always in favour for the Pandavas. Implementing saam, daam, dand and bhed. Historically speaking, Pandvas had a relatively smaller army when compared to Kauravas. Pandavas strengthened to about 7 Akshaunis while Kauravas to 11 Akshaunis.

He gave his personal army(Narayana-Sena) to Kauravas on their request and himself sided with the Pandavas as a sarthi. Who needs an army when the commander of all the commanders is on one’s side 🙂 .

Arms are just means of winning a war. Amount of arms never guarantee winning a war. Brilliant Strategical advantages sure do. Krishna proved this with winning the war for the pandavas.

2. How detached he was or more aptly ‘mission oriented’ can be gauged by the Radha relationship. Radha being the twinflame of Krishna. She was Sita in her previous lifetime during the ‘Treta-Yuga.’ It may have been excruciatingly painful for him to dissociate from her and leave Vrindavan. Still he did it. And only met her after completing the job he was assigned. Imagine someone with totally the same thinking, interests and inclinations. The attraction between them was more than magnetic. It wasn’t terrestrial love for sure but more than that can be called a ‘soulful union.’(Union at the soul level). Eventually, he disassociated .(what needs to be done will be done! ) As the story goes he never married Radha 😦 .

Soulful Union - Pure and Unconditional love beyond physical limitations.
Krishna and Radha. A Soulful Union – Pure and Unconditional love beyond physical limitations.

3. Possessing an influential persona with it subtlety of the highest level. Animals, men and women alike desired his association which further proves his ability to handle diverse personalities. People in him saw a mirror reflecting themselves. Krishna was fluid – a flowing river.

4. Supreme personality of godhead which he was. An apt title – I mean obviously one needs to have a charming personality in order to attract gopis 🙂 . He was jack of all trades and master of all as well.

5. His walk-talk even minor associations with individuals elevated them to higher dimensions. Brought upon cleansing. Unburdened karmic baggage. What he did he only knew. Even the then existing society labelled him, envied him, from time to time many attempts on his life were made. But Krishna survived them all. Untouched, unscathed he continued to do his job of preserving Dharma at an individual moreover at a collective level. Completely selfless his skills and talents were at the disposal for the welfare of existence alone.

How did he do it?
In my understanding, Yogeshwar Krishna controlled the situations instead of situations controlling him. 

Let us take the example of a panic stricken or a grief stricken situation-if the situation makes one’s react that is instills panic, grief or fear in oneself. The situation is controlling you.

If instead one responds to the situation remains ‘sam’( stable) irrespective of the chaos outside not getting affected by the emotion that particular situation triggers. Then, instead of ‘reacting’ one ‘responds.’

Krishna in the Mahabharata proved just that by delivering the gist of all the scriptures(Bhagvad-Gita) while in the battlefield amidst chaos, grief, pain, cries of battle.

Krishna instructs Arjuna
Krishna Delivering the Bhagvad-Gita in the Battlefield.

What he had to do he did . The immediate purpose been guiding Arjuna into the Dharmic path and reminding him of his duty of annihilating the Kaurav army.

Instead of situations controlling him he controlled the situations.

What needs to be done will be done! He used to say. No matter the situation or circumstance. Krishna was always the emerging victory. A man whose name became synonymous to victory itself.

Through Mahabharata, Krishna taught us a great lesson in leading life whilst on earth.

Human constitution, is subject to fleeting emotions. Situations trigger emotions. Man comes in sway with the emotions. And instead of doing what needs to be done (Dharmic Duty) flinches from the path and makes up ‘karma’ instead. Action attached with emotion creates Karma.

‘Dharma’ is ‘action with a purpose’ – performing duty with detachment.

Krishna was on a dharmic path since birth. Things happened through him. Many instances in his life just go on to show that he indeed was extra-ordinary. Every action performed had an associated purpose.

A higher purpose of liberation. Spreading the message of unconditional love. Leading by example. Amongst all the higher masters Krishna was one with a good personality.

No avatar has found a larger mass appeal or a wider reach than him. Masters did happen from time to time. Those connected to the source but none like ‘Krishna’. A complete Avatar.

Everyone having varying constitutions found identification with some aspect of Krishna. Connecting with him. His charm and persona echoed through ages.

Human mind has failed and still fails to understand the consciousness which the physical entity named ‘Krishna’ represented. Interpretations of him differ with the level of consciousness an individual possess. For some Krishna is a god, for some a lover, a friend and for some a ‘chep’ (playboy)! Yea! Some have even coined phrases such as-:

कृष्ण करे तो रासलीला,
हम करे तो करैक्टर  ढीला !!

Seriously?!!!! The ‘Real Krishna’ though was frameless. Krishna to us is what we make out of him. Krishna is us! Krishna reflected the person’s constitution onto them. Unless we are one with him in consciousness. Krishna is but our mind’s projections.

Instead of analysing him, we should live the teachings.  With the Understanding that attaining the stature of ‘Supreme Para-Brahma’ which Krishna represented is the primary goal of one’s life.  Supreme Para-Brahma is a state where physical limitations cease to exist. Man rises in awareness becomes multidimensional. Tastes existence in all its entirety.

Becoming Krishna must be our aim. His personality must be looked upon as a means of connection. Sticking to the personality will not elevate. Watching movies or serials on Krishna which portray him in all sorts of mind-appealing mannerisms will only entangle the mind to his personality. Only and only living the teachings can raise awareness- expand one’s level of consciousness.

Conclusively, analyzing Krishna is futile. When one is only operating from the mind. Krishna can only be EXPERIENCED!

Krishna is an Experience – Encompassing Everything.

Jai Shree Krishna _/\_

Love Always ❤ ❤ ❤

P.S. -: The above write-up has emanated out of my own experiential understanding of the Krishna Consciousness. Lord Krishna represented the pinnacle of human evolution. I have given my commentary based upon my understanding level.