A Soul’s Journey


How many times have we asked these questions to ourselves. Why God, why me? Why am i the only one who has to face such shit avalanche in my life. When everyone you see is in a better situation, we blame god for everything which goes wrong in our lives. Or if not God we blame someone for mishappenings, situations which have gone haywire.

Seldom we reflect upon our actions or meditate upon the situations which have led to a miserable circumstance in our life. Earth is but a prison planet if i might say so, drawing such an analogy comes from the karmic law which governs this planet. An eye for an eye, is how this planet works, and that is particularly why we can progress in leaps and bounds by learning from our sufferings. Pain and suffering are always inevitable for a large intelligence and a deep heart. With it comes compassion and empathy for fellow human beings who might be going through the same circumstances.

A soul’s journey on this planet comprises of many thousands of lifetimes, in different bodies. It takes many lifetimes before a craving for liberation, craving for truth finally settles in. Before liberation from the karmic cycle happen, a soul has to dissolve his every identity and every desire before he realizes the ultimate truth.

Awareness is the key. We as human beings are only aware of the physical body and its needs, how many of us have asked this question as to what happens after death? Even if we have asked this how many of us have sincerely embarked on the quest of finding answers? Those are very few people indeed who have the guts to walk the path of  self-realisation. Familial ties, urges, desires, attachments, addictions, intellectual masturbation, self doubt and everything in between hurls itself at us, not an easy task to remain steadfast in our journey.

Sure, we hear many different theories about spirituality, paths or religions but that stays at the level of discussion or a routine that must be followed. Experience doesn’t drive us when we seek truth most of us do spiritual activities as a display or for family reunion or to earn brownie points from society. This is the primary reason why the human race is suffering, pretentious existence which guarantees a wasted lifetime.

If only one could see existence in all its glory the physical plane seizes to be so alluring or for some so miserable. Everything happens for a higher purpose but this remains as just a saying for many, what if we are able to literally see it happening in front of our eyes. What if you are perfectly aware of everything you have manifested in your life the situations, relationships, health and work.

Awareness is the only thing one can invest in and which stays after death, and for ensuing lifetimes. One might ask the kind of awareness i am talking about? Does that mean seeing fairies and nymphs or going to garden of eden in an other plane of existence. Well if you are interested in that you might be happy to know that such things do exist not on this plane though but if you can astrally project yourself and are sufficiently evolved. You can do so. But it happens automatically once you are ready for it, out of body experiences make you aware of things  which you have only fantasised about.

On top of that wholesome awareness about your path, your life and purpose on earth is the kind of awareness i am talking about. If achieved it gives us immense clarity and with it commences a blissful existence. 🙂


About the planes of existence -: On these planes of existence need for words ceases to exist and everything is communicated via thoughts or thought forms. Maneuvering existence i.e, going to any plane can be done with will power alone, one just needs to have the intention and the universe will provide.

Accepting everything and flowing with life with awareness is the way to live and thrive. Death is just a transition from one plane of existence to other. I sincerely hope the reader is able to reach the state of self realization at his own time and pace. Why am i saying this? Because destiny also plays a major role everything from your birth to death is pre-decided the associations you will make, shitstorms you will brave, the kind of family you will be born in all depends on the karma you have to exhaust here which takes  the form of destiny.

Which also means that no “two day or one week workshop” can guarantee self-realisation. It doesn’t work that way. Sure they can give you good sensations but that’s all they can give you. Quite recently i went to such a workshop so i am speaking from experience. Self realisation is highly individualistic conforming to a system of beliefs without any experience is just adding trashing to one’s own mind.

Love Always ❤ ❤ ❤ …

P.S.-: I am grateful to my Masters Hanumanji and Mohanji who have endowed me with this experiential Knowledge of self realization. I say experiential  because i have had countless experiences with their grace. Thank you my gurus.. Love ya ❤ 🙂  !!!

Interesting reads-:

“A Soul’s journey” by Peter Richelieu
“Journey of Soul – Case Studies of life between lives” by Michael Newton 
(Strongly recommend) 




Nice guys and Porn sites

Before reading this post please do keep an open mind. I wont give a damn either way but still ! 😀 will be good for you.

nice guy rm


First, let us get into the term nice guy. Who is a ‘nice guy’? Nice guy is a misnomer for a pathetic loser who cannot express himself as he is. He hides his flaws and imperfections, avoids conflicts/confrontations, makes his partner the emotional center of his life, he will say what you want to hear he doesn’t care about the truth, his feelings or someone else’s feelings for that matter.

But Ayush this guy sounds like a pathetic loser, why are you calling him a nice guy huh? Exactly my lovely readers this guy is a pathetic loser but not for the opposite sex. For females he is a ‘Nice guy’ coz he is available 24*7 his insecurities wont allow him to detach from any instant messaging service. If he doesn’t reply within the next 2 seconds of reading a text his social validation hits rock bottom. Societal approval is everything for him. Coz if people and especially girls dont like him. It is the end of life for him.

Did i mention that nice guys never abuse. Oh yes they dont! These muddafackas angels of heaven won’t even use shit in a conversation without two asterisks. They also do not watch porn or do anything bad by societal standards. They can post mobile numbers on porn sites but they wont watch porn. Such respect for women makes me really want to worship their niceness with a stick and a shoe.

Just some ‘Nice Guy’ things 🙂 

Reality for them is a fuk fest of desperation, societal validation, pretentious politeness and constant rejection.

Talk about keeping people in comfort zones. Girls love them but ‘as friends’. They wanna share everything with them but it so happens and it always happens that the nice guy ultimately develops feelings for his bestie. The Nice guy in fact had feelings for her since the very beginning but he was too wimpy to express them so what he does is he makes strategies to win over the girl with his ‘Niceness’. Perpetual interactions with the opposite gender also inculcates in him feminine qualities (negative ones) such as back bitching and crying over things which dont matter shit. I have seen them getting ‘hurt’ oh mann !!!! Such cringe … wtf?

But once he understands that his ‘Niceness’ ain’t working. This complexed individual may even resort to derogatory means like defaming the girl or engage in criminal activities such as stalking, messaging or even posting names and mobile numbers on porn sites. This is in fact a common occurrence now and we hear this happening daily in newspapers.

Women are emotional by nature even when they take life decisions related to relationships or friendships, they weigh them on an emotional scale rather than a logical one. On top of this Indian women suffer from immaturity and unawareness. In a society of arrange marriages this has to be expected. Family dignity is everything and as a result such crimes are not reported which leads to the women suffering alone. Immaturity in tackling pretentious personalities that is seeing through the intentions behind such niceness leads to months of mental agony and harassment.

The niceness of these nice guys leads to destroyed relationships, mental torture and emotional scars for life. This is a criminal offence and must not be treated any differently than any other crime against women.

Moreover, females here in India are confused af.  They notice red flags in all the wrong places and when it comes to a real threat they go and embrace it with open arms. 🙂 . The inherent niceness in these nice guys works as a babe magnet and they just cannot control themselves from sharing everything with them. Nice guys know all the tricks of emotional manipulation. They have been into many ‘friendships’ with the fairer sex therefore they understand the emotional triggers which leads to deeper but platonic friendships. Comprising of playing the victim card and generating empathy in the other person. Some may even go to the extent of threatening to kill themselves if a girl doesn’t talk to them or their needs remain unfulfilled.


Facing constant rejection also mentally damages these nice guys. In effect it leads to the emergence of psychotic behavior. Which in turn leads to criminal offences.

Of course one should take action against them. Cyber crime can be reported with a mail to a cyber cell. Source of any derogatory comment/ defamation can be traced by tracing the ip address which is really not a big deal and the whole process takes just days(as given on the cyber cell site) . Anonymity too is guaranteed for the victim.

Having covered the issue of nice guys in detail. Let us talk about the other side of masculinity.

An Integrated Male 


The opposite of a nice guy is an integrated Male. The foremost quality of an integrated Male is that he is direct. No beating around the bush. Just calling a spade a spade. This direct nature stems from honesty and integrity.

Embracing the flaws as they are, working on them and improving each day instead of hiding them. Working on skills rather than investing time in useless relationships or friendships. Human nature is such that we crave companionship, but if one’s confused emotions due to lack of communication/interest hinder one’s emotional, mental and physical health. That relationship must be ridden off as soon as possible. It takes guts and a whole lot of will power, strength and bravery to express oneself as they are. Its no joke to lead a life of truth, honesty and kindness when the world around you is cruel and stupid af.


P.S. -: I am a sigma male though if you are wondering what kind of a male i am. I researched a lot on this and resonated with sigma male characteristics 😀 .



Why suicides are happening in IIT Kanpur?

Every hour one Student in India commits suicide. Through this post I would like to explore the causes behind such a scenario from my personal experience with IIT Kanpur. It is a well known fact that IIT Kanpur is the highest among suicides and here I will tell you the reasons why?

I was selected in MS(R) interviews for signal processing and communication. You can even check my name on the site. I received the mail in evening of 28th November and the interview was scheduled on 30th November. IIT Kanpur somehow assumes that either you have portal technology to manifest anywhere at will otherwise you are filthy rich and can afford airplane tickets just a day before.

The kind of sensitivity that IIT Kanpur displays towards its future students is evident here. Luckily been from Lucknow I was able to come via bus but what about others who were from hitherto parts of the country?

It’s not that they are oblivious to this. Even upon reaching the interview venue they called us at 8:00 AM the managing faculty arrived in the lecture hall around 10:00 AM, the first question he asked was “How you guys were able to come?”. Ok so is this a joke for you? Are you calling students from all over India for your sadistic pleasures?

The Interview Experience

I was called at 8:00 AM and my interview happened at 5:30 PM!!!

The interviews which I have given earlier and I have given many from job interviews to academic ones. The common pattern is first the interviewer gives 2-3 minutes to the candidate to relax them. As we already are so nervous beforehand. But here it was totally opposite.

When I entered the interview room there were 4 professors sitting around a round table. The one who was heading the interview I recognised him by his face as I used to follow his lectures on a subject(Digital Communication) on nptel. It is one thing to follow someone and a totally different thing when the person is in front of you, that too interviewing you.

For a few minutes I was speechless. Also I would like to mention here that. I was not feeling well since a few days and somehow came to Kanpur. I had cough-cold and fever on the day of interview. I took some medicines in order to survive the day’s ordeal.

Students who were interviewed before me had only this to give as a feedback “Bhai ghante Bhar khare karwa ke maar rahe!!”

I was mentally prepared but not so much as to face an IIT celebrity face to face.

A question he asked me was, why you left your job in such a good company and applied for this course. I replied that I left my job to pursue research. You won’t believe what the NPTEL lecturer had to say on this. He said but there is no research happening in IIT Kanpur. So why opt for MS?

I was stunned and didn’t knew how to react. Yes it’s a known fact that IITs are only known for publishing research papers and no concrete research ever happens here. But to hear it from an IIT professor of that stature is a different thing altogether.

Another professor then just asked me to get the marker and proceed onto the whiteboard.

Ok, I thought maybe that’s how it goes. So, I approached the whiteboard. The professor than asked me to write a difference equation. So I wrote and than he said to wipe it out as he didn’t say to write it. What the fuck is wrong with you bro? Alzeheimer? Substance abuse? Alcohol Intoxication? Amnesia? Didn’t take your vital vitamins? Or your IIT brain collapsing on itself like a sun going black hole?

I couldn’t understand, he than asked me if I will proceed by myself or what he says .. I said whatever you say obviously. You are the interviewer.

“Haan Hum toh BC Dene ke liye Aaye hai na”

So he than asked me to write the difference equation again this time what he says. I agreed and than he proceeded on to dictate the equation. Which was the same one I wrote earlier. You fucking with me prof?

By then I knew that these sadistic and frustrated so called gurus were here to just ridicule and make fun of the interviees. So I played along. Now the bhagwaan of communication the nptel guy asked me a question which I was unable to answer though it was basic. But I couldn’t remember as I didn’t revise anything prior to coming here.

So the next guy asked me a question I don’t know what was about his face. He was smiling continuously. So cringy! The question went like this. Draw the Gaussian distribution curve.. so I did and than he said “You are getting Gaussian samples from a pdf. What will be the mean of the samples ? ” I never could make head or tail of the question because it was ambiguous.

That’s it, two questions asked in 20 minutes and the interview was over. Not because I lacked knowledge no no no no.. but it was getting late for these sadistic fucks and they needed to masturbate after having a hard on all day with the interviews.

Jokes apart , the primary reason was they had to finish the interview as many guys were remaining after me.

Not even an ounce of regard or honour for the candidates. They were treating everyone like shit. Everyone had the same experience of that panel.

Even those who were selected last year had the same experience they went on to say that there was nothing they could answer but didn’t know how they were selected. Coz sadism is the most important criteria for these IIT professors.

Again there was another panel which was better than this one but destiny is all!!!

Also, During my waiting for the interview I literally saw 4 guys begging these professors for marks. Professors are everything in IITs especially for an MTech/MS student. I got to know that people there had to overstay to complete their degree like 3 year degree in 4 years just because the professors didn’t approve. You have to make them happy by doing menial jobs for them. And everything they demand off you. I literally saw it happening in front of my eyes.

My cousin brother did his BTech from IIT kanpur way back in 1999 . So I was interested in it. But after this experience God forbid! Such an ambience of depression and sadism the air there was toxic and reeking with mental misery and distress.

The important questions here to ask is why are these IITs so overrated and massively funded when they aren’t contributing anything?

The most important question is why are these institutions operated when they have zero research to contribute?

Another one why there is no regulatory committee or panel who reviews these professors and if they are ethically fit for teaching? I have even heard of professors taking substances like ganja(weed) before classes.


I would like to deliver a message through this blog to the students. “Latko nai latkao BC!” .. 🙂

CGPA needs to be maintained but more than that. Start asking questions with the system why it is so? Until and unless everyone is aware and ready to take action not much will change anyway.

I really don’t think one should commit suicide just because a depressed, sadistic good for nothing individual is harassing you. Life is a journey. Every moment a mystery. What can happen in future no one knows. You can become an influential person of authority and your experiences can guide others. Suicide is for cowards it is living life every moment that takes real strength.

Thank you for your time reading this…

Love Always ❤❤❤

P.S. -: Some links here to further explore this issue.




Me Too

All of us are familiar with the Me Too movement ‘India version’. Girls are coming out and targeting celebrities for sexual assaults which happened quite a while(read decades ) ago.

In a society which has lost its touch with the divinity within and only wants the opposite sex for sensory gratification. This is bound to happen.

I am an imperfect guy. I am a ordinary human being when compared to the likes of celebrities or anyone famous. Still, i just thought that I should share my opinion and experiences.

Ok! beginning with a screen shot. Here’s a guy who commented on my blog or rather replied to a comment. A lady here commented on my blogpost as she loved it. A random guy replies to the comment with this-:

Seriously, what the fuck bro? Are we Indians so desperate. No wonder bobs and vegene is what we are looking for.

Ok i am not a saint i know… And i should not preach but i can at least point out bullshit when i see it. And this is a personal experience. Even when i was with my girlfriend the creeps made it really impossible to have a decent conversation while in a public place. Everywhere you go one can see eyes staring at u more on ur partner tho.

Grow up India! So, he needs a sexual girl well this might be news to you guess what?! ‘every girl is sexual’ but they ain’t having sex with you no way bro! Go somewhere else. Ironically this guy is into spirituality as is evident from his Facebook profile which i later looked up. What should i say? here I am posting my research on the internet for all to see. Still the bobs and vagene populace finds a way to get what they ‘want’. 🙂

In India it’s a taboo to have sex before marriage, men are confused as they fight with their hormones and ‘morals’. And so are women. They have a lot to endure and fight for though when compared to us. I am not even a girl and this was just a random comment i mean seriously are you so desperate that you are replying to a ladies comment with your mobile number!

So u are hoping that the girl will call u up. I mean how will the conversation go have you even thought about it? “Hi Mohit, so yes i am a sexual girl really liked the brevity of your comment, lets have some fun, so your place or my place?” :D. What is the mentality behind such insane stupidity I really just want to know!

However, delving deeper into the meaning of relationships. A complete relationship for me is where both parties are fulfilled sexually, emotionally and karmically. Also, if the relationship is not for a higher purpose it won’t work. I have already said this time and again. I mean you have fun and than what? There should be a purpose behind two souls coming together.

But that is far from the point. If women endure men do too.

Statistics speak for themselves. More than 50 percent of the rape cases are false. Complaints are registered either for revenge or to malign someone’s name or image.

Both genders are suffering because of confused morals(closed mindedness) and distorted definition of love which is in reality “universal” .

Relationships don’t work because people say something and don’t mean it. No integrity of any kind left in our society.

What to do in these times? Well Go within urself analyse and process. What do u want? There should be perfect clarity in-fact about every aspect of our life. Confusion gives rise to chaos and anarchy.

Why as a society have we come to such a point where people go to social media for seeking revenge? Do they have no trust in the judiciary and hence looking for pressure groups in the media and elsewhere. If thats the case, why is such a system in place?

When one knows that substance abuse is a reality and leads to crimes such as sexual assaults, rapes and even murder why not ban those substances and put in strict regulation? Punish crimes with an iron hand. Obviously this can can not be done, because the system doesn’t work!

Negativity and abuse happens in a relationship quite often. Nobody is a saint and we all had our fun moments in life where we held no bars and kept a ‘no strings attached relationships’. But that shouldn’t make one an easy target. Respect is mutual. If you bitch about somebody until and unless he is a Buddha or a being from a higher dimensional planet where there are rainbows and unicorns and a smile on everybody’s face one is bound to react.

We are on ‘Earth’ a planet of suffering. And why are we here? Because we need to process our shit!!! And than attain liberation(mukti).

I am no saint and i am processing my shortcomings which are many. In fact i believe i am the most imperfect guy. But that doesn’t mean that one should go rambo on each other’s asses! There would be utter chaos as is happening now.

The primary reason why a human being takes birth is for liberation. Anything other than that is distraction. And that is precisely why the sanatan dharma advocates for the four ashrams.

About girls though I think i might get the ire of some feminazis if i say this. But woman are you confused!!!!

You go and make a profile on tinder where u update your bio with things like “not here for sex”. Ok? Hmmm? What are you there for? Long term relationships and than shaadi? There is Bharat matrimony and shaadi.com for that check them out. Why tinder?

When you are in a relationship you are confused about the difference between companionship and friends with benefits. Expectancies becomes a binding chain.

Let’s chat about friends with benefits. What the fuck is that? Ok so we like have sex a couple of times and than you want me not to get attached to you. Ok but than why the fuck do u want all the perks of a relationship to go with it? One should support you through ur emotional turmoil and mood swings which happens like every 2 hours and should expect nothing in return. Because if a man expects sex he is selfish and thinks about himself. No way! he should only think about u but when he things about you. He becomes clingy! And when he is neither of the two he is not giving you attention. And so it’s time to break up and move on.

Yeah! Welcome to the shit show of the relationship scenario in India.

My point simply is when one is not happy with oneself, how can he make others happy?

The best thing to do in these times perhaps is to keep one’s mouth shut and meditate. Maybe this fuck that meditation will help you. 🙂


I beleive this post might have offended you. Coz we Indians are offended by everything. So sensitive we are. Awwwww!

Disclosure-: Part 3 ( Ancient Civilizations)

The two books which made a huge impact on me and the ones i got hold of very early i.e. in my teen years ‘ Thiaouba Prophecy’ and ‘Lifestory of Hanumanji’ you can find both of them online.

The first one details the account of an abductee who went to a higher dimensional planet in his physical form. And the second one is by far the most comprehensive and scientific outlook on Ramayana till date. ‘ Lifestory of Hanumanji’ will change the way you look at Ramayana forever.

The war between Rama and Ravana was an intergalactic one with highly advanced technologies and weapon systems used. Ram setu a bridge connecting Sri lanka and India finds mention there, also the kind of technology which might have been put to use in those times.

If one starts looking at our ‘human origins’ taking into account a universal perspective, many of the miracles mentioned in Ramayana and even Mahabharata will garner logical explanations.

Graham Hancock the author of ” Fingerprint of the Gods ” has explored ancient ET civilizations in detail. The Piri Reis map which finds its origin in the 15th century shows exact topogrophical features of the Antarctic without ice. It was so accurate that even the 19the century adaptations of the same map were used by cartographers for sea navigation.

The Piri Reis Map

We cannot expect a primitive civilization to map an ice free Antarctic region with such accuracy and precision? Antarctic was never ice free up until 35 million years ago!!!

The timestamp of Ramayana spans almost the same chronological era. One may refer Kalki Purana for the exact duration of all the ages. Ramayana happened in Treta yuga. Which almost lasted for 3,600 divine years, or 1,296,000 human years.

‘Divine years’?! Or a time relative to our physical reality. Einstein’s theory of relativity has proved that time and gravity are relative with respect to the mass of an object.

Albert Einstein, in his theory of special relativity, determined that the laws of physics are the same for all non-accelerating observers, and he showed that the speed of light within a vacuum is the same no matter the speed at which an observer travels. As a result, he found that space and time were interwoven into a single continuum known as space-time. Events that occur at the same time for one observer could occur at different times for another.

Furthering my point i am including an excrept from the book(“Fingerprint of the Gods”) itself-:

Is it possible that a human civilization, sufficiently advanced to have mapped Antarctica, could have developed by 13,000 BC and later disappeared? And, if so, how much later? The combined effect of the Piri Reis, Oronteus Finaeus, Mercator and Buache Maps is the strong, though disturbing, impression that Antarctica may have been continuously surveyed over a period of several thousands of years as the ice-cap gradually spread outwards from the interior, increasing its grip with every passing millennium but not engulfing all the coasts of the southern continent until around 4000 BC. The original sources for the Piri Reis and Mercator Maps must therefore have been prepared towards the end of this period, when only the coasts of Antarctica were free of ice; the source for the Oronteus Finaeus Map, on the other hand, seems to have been considerably earlier, when the ice- cap was present only in the deep interior of the continent; and the source for the Buache Map appears to originate in even earlier period (around 13,000 BC), when there may have been no ice in Antarctica at all.

Evidently, this is enough proof that Earth has been getting visitors from ancient civilzations since millions of years.

If an extraterrestrial advanced civilization finds roots on Earth. We can safely assume that attempts of terraforming and genetic manipulations would have been done countless number of times on many species here and with ET species ‘far far away’ . Which might explain as to why Earth has such a rich biodiversity.

Ancient Builder Race and ‘Oumuamua’ -:

I am still researching on this subject but the cigar shaped asteriod with a never-before-seen orbit has baffled even NASA scientists. They are unable to come up with a sound explanation regarding the size and the shape of asteriod.

Mainstream news related to the same.

Even the asteriod is speeding up!!!

I have watched the Entire interview series of Corey Goode by David Wilcock. Authenticity of their intel is unquestionable(at least for me) as being an Intutive Empath, many a times, i have experienced the same.

The implications of this is huge and if brought into mass awareness, may steer our civilization into exploration of our real ancient roots.

We need to be open minded in accepting our origins. One can deny opinions but how can one deny scientifically backed facts?

Thank you for your time reading this!

Share and subscribe, let the avalanche of awareness begin 🙂 🙂 🙂 !!!

Love Always ❤

Disclosure-: Part 2 (ET Visitations)

Most often Aliens and ET’s or topics related to them are a subject of ridicule, incomplete information or just plain speculation. To get a clear perspective about them remains a challenge.

People make fun of things which they do not undertstand, the subconscious programming via belief systems and traditions makes them oblivious to the ‘real world’ around them.

One look at the mainstream news and you will get my point. Go to timesofindia.com or for that matter any other news outlet. The media focuses on bullshit. Like what is Jhanvi kapoor wearing and who trolled whom. Really?

Lets check the trending youtube videos in India. BB ki vines, Punjabi songs, Amit Bhadana, Boys vs girls, wtf?

Einstein once said -:

And the day has arrived, a generation of fools who cannot perceive reality out of their comfort zones. People operating at an emotional level rather than driven intellectually.

Having said that, please keep an open mind when reading my blogposts. I am not concerned if you like it, the truth needs to come out unfiltered. I will challenge and destroy each of your beleif systems. And only then Liberation will happen. Coz only Truth Liberates.

The Story of Valiant Thor-:

The Physical dimension is limited to 5 elements and hence in order to interact in the physical plane. A higher dimensional entity needs a physical body.

क्षिति जल पावक गगन समीरा पंच रचित अति अधम शरीरा। ” – Ram Charit Manas

The atmosphere on venus cannot support physical life but can we say for sure? There are bacterias which can sustain themselves at very high temperatures and live without oxygen. Asteriods have been found containing traces of bacterial life. So at the cellular level it is very much possible that intelligent species might function without the pre-requisites of life sustenance which we have on Earth.

Which brings us to the case of Valiant Thor supposedly an extraterrestrial from Venus. Who came to Earth to drive some sense into the political elites of United States, The Super power.

It seems logical right?! An advanced civilization contacting the most advanced country on Earth at that time to deliver a global message.

Moving on,


A highly advanced entity channeling through a human vessel named Daryl Anka. One can go to youtube and find numerous channelings of his.


“Greetings Dear Ones, i am Kryon of magnetic service.”

One can feel the love in those words directed towards each one of us.

I love that voice and moreover i deeply resonate with the messages channeled 🙂 . Kryon is a multidimensional entity here to evolve earthian consiousness.

So YES! ETs are real and working towards evolving the human collective as a whole towards unconditional love and universal awareness.

More on this in the next part, coz the attention span of our generation is only 7 to 8 seconds. Thanks to ‘smartphones

Love Always ❤

DISCLOSURE -: PART 1(The Awakening)

I have been researching on physical and metaphysical subjects since, i was 15 years of age now i am 25 which makes my work experience in this field of around 10 years. 10 years of continous research. In this time, i have seen conspiracy theorists, experiential spirtitualist, alternative media, whistleblowers and free energy advocates dumbed down, executed or silenced through various means.

A prime example related to these heinous activities would be an alternative indian media outlet “ India Daily” . Not only this online newspaper covered alternative sciences and present technology in great detail but also the type of civilization the earthian governments have encountered.

This was in 2008 when i was in grade 10 . I used to read it daily and then one day it disapperead off the internet. No f@cking trace! there are slight mentions of this in some newspaper if you optimise your search on google.

I tried many keywords but nothing concrete showed up. There were some doscussion forums on yahoo, 4Chan and abovetopsecret.com highlighting its disapperance and how the technology covered was beyond anything earthly.

So yes it did exist and cover up happened in front of my very own eyes!

What led to its disappearance and is there a hidden sinister force concealing matters of extraterrestrial subjects from going mainstream. I mean the mass conaciousness is still stuck at “ Are we alone?” A question of utmost foolery and naiviety.

The Deep State

This and many other incidents like it made me inquisitive about the true nature of control which is gripping the planet ultimately leading to forced poverty, usseless law-order system, rampant corruption, rigged political systems, societal divisions and on top of all Insensitivity towards Mother Earth.

All my research from hitherto sources led to this conclusion of a shadow government ruling the planet. Let us just call it Deep State at the moment as it is most commonly referred to in alternative media circles.

Evidence of the so called Deep State

Thankfully, Edward Snowden has made many big revelations about the same. He disclosed massive amounts of classified information about how the US government concealed a whole fucking branch of jurisdiction from public eyes. Now please let it sink.


Named as National Reconaissance office functioning as Monitory and survelliance of every American citizen and suspected terrosists abroad which included smartphones laptops and internet data. Anything related to your accounts was read and decoded while you were watching “Netflix and chilli’n”

About Edward Snowden

So yes we are in deep shit… How deep? No-one knows for sure!

There have been many disclosures event which are happening all over the world but each one of them never made into the mainstream news channels.

The latest one would be the Sirius Disclosure.

It was an event which had perhaps the widest reach. And just when everyone started noticing it, twas silenced.

More on this in the second part of this series which will cover the extraterrestrial presence on earth.

Love Always ❤